Local Spring Break Ideas for Fun

Sophia cairati, Staff Writer

While people enjoy taking trips over spring break, some prefer a staycation. staycations are nice to just relax and here are some ideas to make your week even better. Whether you are a homebody or an adventure lover, Snohomish is the spot for you.

Experiences close to town:

  • Van Gogh Immersive experience (https://feverup.com/en/seattle)(40$ for a group bundle otherwise 26-30)
  • Pike Place Market (free to walk around)
  • Antique Stores (free to walk around)
  • Ice Cream at Bliss (Regular Size Waffle Cone $5.47.)
  • Ride the Seattle Great Wheel ($17 per person)
  • New Movies are out- Check Fandango (Prices can go from $10 – $18 depending on age and time)
  • Mini golf https://www.snohomishvalleygolfcenter.com/($10-12)
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt with your friends (https://www.doodlebugsportz.com/)
  • Go to an art gallery (https://visitseattle.org/things-to-do/arts-culture/visual-arts/art-galleries/  Free or Fee depends on where you go)
  • Go see alpacas (https://www.alpacasfrommars.com/product/25601/farm-tours  $10  and https://www.alpacasrus.com/ranch-tours-parties-and-events $17.50)
  • Stop by The LEGO resale store in Monroe, to buy, sell or trade your legos  (https://bricksandminifigs.com/monroe-wa/buy-sell-trade-2/)
  • Seattle aquarium (if you have Ingersoll you have a free pass for up to two people free going through September otherwise visit https://www.seattleaquarium.org/ From $28.95 to $31.95)

if you are adventurous, you might enjoy :


if your a thrill seeker you might enjoy:

  • Do you love horror? maybe have a themed dinner with a few friends just let them know the date and venue check (https://www.murdermysteryco.com/ call for group prices)
  • Escape room (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g28968-Activities-c56-t208-Washington.html)(prices vary)
  • Ziplining (https://bellevueziptour.com/) ($55 per 2 1/2 hours)

if you just want to relax:

  • Waterfall Garden Park (https://www.pioneersquare.org/experiences/waterfall-garden-park)
  • Japanese Gardens (www.seattlejapanesegarden.org $6-$10)
  • Bellevue Square Mall (free if you like browsing but otherwise bring as much as you want to spend)
  • Centennial trail (free)
  • Picnic in a park (free unless you want food)
  • Seattle Central Library (https://www.spl.org/hours-and-locations/central-library)
  • Take a swim at the aquatic center (https://www.sno.wednet.edu/snohomishaquatic)

if you need THAT photo:

  • Selfie Museum (https://originalselfiemuseum.com/)(25$)
  •  Cabbage Patch Restaurant (https://www.cabbagepatchrestaurant.com/)





  • April 3rd -10th Everett Silvertips($16-44)
  • April 14th Anirud: ONCE UPON A TIME TOUR($69-89)


concerts coming next weekend:

  • Gracie abrams(https://g.co/kgs/wdPeXe)
  • Yaeji(https://g.co/kgs/b3Pwrf)
  • Snow Tha Product(https://g.co/kgs/hTRqTF)
  • Keshi(https://g.co/kgs/uduc67)
  • Leann rimes (https://g.co/kgs/bMnU9w)
  • If you are willing to drive two hours (Sabrina carpenter (https://g.co/kgs/kxPQtz)
  • YUNGBLUD (https://www.seattle-theatre.com/theaters/paramount-theatre/tickets.php?eventName=Yungblud&cmsEventId=33240&buy=true&history=seating&utc=1691352000&vsShowId=4105078&floorImg=https%3A%2F%2Fd2o50i5c2dr30a.cloudfront.net%2F003b65be-60e6-41b3-8559-8a8bb60b8b43.jpg&xyz=y&singleShow=1)($67-441)



No matter what you do, whether it is from this list or something else, I hope you have a wonderful spring break!!