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  • New Turf for the Upcoming School Year

    New Turf for the Upcoming School Year

    Isaac Ellison, Staff Writer

    If you haven’t noticed, for the last two weeks our main football field has been closed for maintenance. Every day we have construction workers on campus ripping up the turf so they can start the process of laying down new turf. Grounds crews will be working on it throughout  the summer so the...

  • Student Start-Up 2018-2019

    Student Start-Up 2018-2019

    Anya Knowlton, Staff Writer

    As much as it may be painful to think about, with the end of this school year, we must begin planning for next school year. Plug these dates and times into your phones, tell your parents, set a reminder, and then get ready to forget it all to enjoy summer vacation. Student Start-Up is Tuesday and Wed...

  • Finals Week Schedule

    Finals Week Schedule

    Jordan Handshy

    Finals week Schedule We have reached the end of the year and its finally time to start our class finals. Usually something that could make or break our grades. As teachers prepare their students for their tests, the students study up for something they have been preparing for. The schedule Wednesdy,...

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  • Non Cliche Things to do This Summer

    Non Cliche Things to do This Summer

    Jamie Stout, Staff Writer

    Summer is right around the corner, for all but seniors, we have about three weeks left… what? And as summer speeds up, that means more and more #hiking #pnw #mountains posts will pop up on your Insta feed. Not to mention the pics on the beach, antique shops, reading in the grass, bonfires, bikini shots,...

  • Crash Into Glacier Peak

    Crash Into Glacier Peak

    Sam Ketchem, Wed Editor

    This morning, a Snohomish School District student crashed into the front doors of the school and went into the courtyard. The driver was taken to the hospital for evaluation. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office say that significant damage has been done to the structure. Repair teams are already on...

    The repair crew at the GP front entrance.

    Sam Ketchem

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