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  • Summer Fun in the PNW

    Summer Fun in the PNW

    Mckenna Murphy, Staff Writer

    A  goal every summer is to make it better than the last. This is no easy feat especially if money is a limiting factor, but for those living in the PNW an inexpensive and memorable summer is easier than you think. From hiking, to walking around in the city, abandoned buildings and outdoor movies, there...

    Mckenna Murphy

  • Easy School Breakfasts

    Easy School Breakfasts

    Payton Quinn, Staff Writer

    During first period, I’ll pull out my handmade breakfast, assembled with love and thought, and watch as my fellow classmates salivate and suddenly lose their appetite for their sad bag of dried cereal. Because of this, I’ve decided to share my holy grail of school breakfasts that are easy to assemble...

    The Peanut Butter and Banana Rice Cakes.

  • Senior Farewell

    Senior Farewell

    Payton Quinn, Staff Writer

    Attending the graduation for the class of 2017 was bittersweet. When the students hooted and hollered as each classmate received their diploma, it was not without a slight sadness, as one by one the students ended one chapter of their lives and looked forward toward a new one. Before presenting the...

    The seniors assembled at their seats.

  • 10 Must Hit Local Spots This Summer

    10 Must Hit Local Spots This Summer

    Logan Sandstrom, Staff Writer

    Eagle Falls Get ready for a day trip because trust me it’s hard to spend less than six hours at Eagle Falls if you’re with friends. At this popular swimming hole people go swimming, and cliff jumping all day long. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see how high you’ll jump off. Ea...

    Emily Nina at a waterfall.

  • Seniors On the Rise

    Seniors On the Rise

    Christina Maguire, Staff Writer

    After 13 hardworking years, seniors are graduating in less than 24 hours! It will be so exciting to see what the seniors choose to peruse with their lives after high school. Some seniors tell us their plans and what they hope to do. “I am going to college after high school and I want to get into...

    A high school diploma. Credit:

Upcoming Events

Fall Band Concert October 17 and 18
Senior Parent Night October 19
Parent-Teacher Conferences October 25-27
No School October 26 and 27
Grizzly Club Meet and Greet October 30


5 Ways To Handle Finals

5 Ways To Handle Finals

Payton Quinn, Staff Writer

Study Over a Span of Time While everyone knows cramming is never a good idea, people tend to forget how effective it is to study over a long period of time. Even i...

June 22, 2017No Comments

  • Schools’ Out, Scream and Shout! June 22, 2017
  • Milestone June 19, 2017
  • The Final Lap June 12, 2017


Sasquatch 2017

Sasquatch 2017

Cheyenne Stultz, Staff Writer

A star-studded line-up featuring headliners LCD Soundsystem, Twenty One Pilots, and Chance The Rapper drew thousands of people to Sasquatch Music Festival in the Gorge Amphitheatre...

June 6, 2017No Comments

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Student Life

A Service to Remember

A Service to Remember

Erica Lane, Staff Writer

The Baccalaureate service for the 2016-2017 senior class took place in Glacier Peak’s Performing Arts Center on Sunday, June 11. It was hosted by seniors Issy Koehler and...

June 16, 2017No Comments

  • What You Need For Finals Week June 12, 2017
  • 6 Summer Recipes June 8, 2017
  • Canines Take Over Campus June 8, 2017


Dean’s Legacy

Dean’s Legacy

Emily Craig, Staff Writer

Our beloved principal Mr. Dean is retiring; he has been in the Snohomish School District for 10 years. Mr. Dean left behind an impact on the students. He has guided the school...

June 8, 2017

Emily Nina: Editor-and-Chief

Emily Nina: Editor-and-Chief

June 1, 2017

Let’s Talk About Ms. Lee

Let’s Talk About Ms. Lee

May 9, 2017

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People of GP

Makayla Miller

Makayla Miller

"My favorite class is definitely Mrs. Holcombe's art class! My favorite project so far has been working on our art journals, sitting by my friends Gracie and Cade makes it...

October 18, 2017No Comments

Caelan Briggs

Caelan Briggs

October 17, 2017

Austin Scriver

Austin Scriver

October 16, 2017

Claire Calderon

Claire Calderon

October 15, 2017


The Trump Mess

The Trump Mess

Sam Ketchem, Web Editor

The Trump presidency is a mess, and that’s almost an understatement. He has only been in office 139 days, but it feels like 9000. Every day, we see more scandals and failures...

June 8, 2017No Comments

The Trump Train Derailed

February 10, 2017

“And Still, We Rise”

January 25, 2017

The news site of Glacier Peak High school
The news site of Glacier Peak High school