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  • The Upcoming Paramount Season

    The Upcoming Paramount Season

    Lauren Peltier, Staff Writer

    The Paramount has a new season that many are excited about. Each season Broadway shows go on tour and come to the Paramount in Seattle to perform a Broadway level show. This year the season is particularly good. The season the shows include Dear Evan Hansen, then The Color Purple, Waitress, On Your...

    The posters for all of the upcoming shows.

    Lauren Peltier

  • School Stress Subsistence

    School Stress Subsistence

    Ciara Fortier, Staff Writter

    As the year runs closer to an end, we start to see the student stress levels rise. Whether it is due to lack of sleep, tests, procrastination on homework/projects, grades, or even the little things in life. They get to us and eventually we start to break down. We need to help ourselves get better about...

    Freshman Lauren Peltier, overwhelmed with work

    Claire Dayton

  • Learn About The LMC

    Learn About The LMC

    Jacquelyn Roush, Staff Writer

    If you go to the library, you'll notice that on top of the reference book shelves there’s an ever-changing selection of books on display. These books are new arrivals to the LMC. You can always check out books from the display on top of the shelves or even in the display window in front of the LMC...

    You can use the online catalog to search for books that are in the school's library.

    Jacquelyn Roush

  • Look Out For The Flu

    Look Out For The Flu

    Melany Herrejon, Staff Writer

    The flu is a common viral infection that can be deadly. There are more than three million cases in the US each year. Every year the flu contains a new strain which leaves doctors and researchers attempting to create a vaccine that will be effective around the country. This year’s strain has been identified...

    Getting a flu shot can help fight the deadly infection.

    Melany Herrejon

  • Grizzly Cubs Take On GP

    Grizzly Cubs Take On GP

    Abi Ricci, Staff Writer

    From Feb. 6 to Feb. 9, our elementary Grizzly Cubs came and ate lunch with their older pals. Tuesday, the cubs from Cathcart came, Wednesday was Seattle Hill, Thursday were the kiddos from Totem Falls, and Friday was our little neighbors from across the street at Little Cedars. Ana Black has a cub...

    Sophomore Mitchell Pladsen and his cub

    Abi Ricci

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Adrienne Evans

March 14, 2018

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Cassandra Williams

March 13, 2018

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Myranda Gardner

March 13, 2018

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