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  • Rain Rain, Go Away!

    Rain Rain, Go Away!

    Jaden Foster, Staff Writer

    Awakening to the sound of raindrops pounding on your bedroom window is not an abnormal morning to experience in Seattle. Throughout the years, Seattle has become known for Starbucks, the Space Needle and its massive amounts of rain. The Seattle city website states it rains 50 percent of the time in the...

    People walking in the rain. Credit:

  • Girls and Boys Varsity Tennis Coach Resigns

    Girls and Boys Varsity Tennis Coach Resigns

    Hailey Miller

    Micah Perron, the boy and girl tennis coach has announced his resignation last week to all his previous varsity tennis players. “I’ve recently taken a job at a tennis club down in Edmonds, between working for the district in the morning and working at the tennis club at night the only time I get...

  • TOLO


    Sofie Bradford, Staff Writer

    TOLO is just around the corner and so are finals. Finals are taking place on Wednesday and Thursday Jan. 24 and 25. TOLO is being held on Saturday Jan. 27 at Thomas Family Barn the weekend after finals. Preparing for both at the same time can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re a girl and stressing...

    The TOLO poster for this year.

    Sofie Bradford

  • Q&A with Principal Larson

    Q&A with Principal Larson

    Erica Lane, Staff Writer

    Q: Where did you grow up and what school did you go to? A: I grew up in Snohomish and I went to Valley View Middle School, Riverview Middle School, and Snohomish High School. Q: Tell me about your family. A: I am married with two boys, Jaden who's 5 and Jackson who's 7. I have one sister and one brother, and I am close...

    Mr. Larson talking with a parent at curriculum night.

    Anya Knowlton

  • Schedule Catastrophe

    Schedule Catastrophe

    Erica Lane, Staff Writer

    As finals week comes up, we only have one more day of first semester before second semester comes upon us. The beginning of January is typically when students start anticipating the new semester, and they look at their second semester schedules. This year, schedule changes are happening a bit differently...

    A student planner.

    Erica Lane

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