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  • How to Raise your Grades at the End of the Semester

    How to Raise your Grades at the End of the Semester

    Maleika Fleming, Staff Writer

    As the end of the semester gets closer and closer the stress of raising your grades grows. End of the semester grades are very important, and with these tips you can raise them. Turning in Missing Work Most teachers will give half credit for late work you turn in, and a 50% is better than a ...

  • Breaking UP With Your BFF

    Breaking UP With Your BFF

    Elisabeth Avenell, Staff Writer

    With relationships, school, and hormones, teenagers, especially girls, are prone to drama. Breaking up with your BFF can be hard. But, if you do it correctly, you are sure to limit the already drama prone life. First, start dropping subtle hints. Dropping subtle hints such as hanging out less, being...

  • Student Hit in Parking Lot

    Student Hit in Parking Lot

    Cheyenne Stultz, Staff Writer

    Sophomore Lauryne Herzog was ran over by an SUV around 7:25 this morning, January 12. Herzog was walking in the farthest back parking lot on her way to school when an SUV came around a corner, entering the lot. Herzog was taken down by the back tires and her lower body was ran over. The driver and his...

    The area in which the accident occurred. Just behind the crosswalk, the student was hit crossing the street.

    Cheyenne Stultz

  • New Year New Goals

    New Year New Goals

    Raelyn Young

    It's officially 2018, and a tradition is to make a new year’s resolution. Many student’s made resolutions that reflect on the past year. What they want to change this year that they didn’t like in 2017. After only a week 22% of people fail to keep their resolution, but these Glacier Peak students...

    Maddie Seelhoff with a new years celebration hat on.

    Raelyn Young

  • Without Net Neutrality

    Without Net Neutrality

    Abigail Varghese, Staff Writer

    The internet would become a closed off place where cable and phone companies control what we see and do.  They could do whatever they want to any website that they do not like, such as block them, make us pay more, slow them down, or even shut them down. Not only businesses, but communities of people...

    Hailey Christenson using her computer.

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