• GP5 takes home Grizzly Idol

    GP5 takes home Grizzly Idol

    Anabel Ohsman, Staff Writer

    Grizzly Idol concluded at the Fine Arts Assembly with the last two groups Prestige World Wide and GP5 competing in front of the student body. GP5, made up of Miles Johnston, Jackson Bates, Wyatt Miller, Grant Peltier, and Kevin Duan, busted a move in overalls and bright colors to the theme song from... READ MORE »»

    photo by Anabel Ohsman

  • Do Re Mi Grizzlies

    Do Re Mi Grizzlies

    Taylor White, Staff Writer

    The 2015 Grizzly Idol competition is finally underway. Eighteen ambitious singing groups filed into the auxiliary gym during grizzly period of March 24th. For the auditions, each group had to sing and dance along to a song that was randomly assigned to them, whether they knew it or not. Only... READ MORE »»

    Photo by Jett Ecksreom

  • Graduation Jitters

    Graduation Jitters

    Jessica Tiede, Staff Writer

    With the days dwindling into the 50’s seniors are beginning to fit the pieces together as graduation becomes a reality. Caps and Gowns are arriving by the boxful and distributions are the hub in the realism of it all. Whether plans are to move onto college or into a career, seniors are having to cope... READ MORE »»

  • The Perfect Prom Posal

    The Perfect Prom Posal

    Lexi Little, Staff Writer

    It’s that time of year again, when the talk about prom buzzes in the air. Most senior girls wait in anticipation to get asked by one of their peers, but Dana Brager and Derek Friend Sifferman have a different idea about their promposal. The two seniors have been best friends for a while, and they... READ MORE »»

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  • Second threat in four days

    Second threat in four days

    Andria Desroche, Staff Writer

    Another bomb threat was found at the school on Wednesday morning, this time it was written in the boys’ bathroom. This makes 11 bomb threats in the past four years, two in the past week alone. The questions remain the same, whose tests are these kids trying to get out of? "Are you kidding me?" Tyler... READ MORE »»


AP Grind

AP Grind

Avery Ohsman, Staff Writer

With April coming to an end and May nearing, AP testing is just around the corner. For the students in AP classes, this is one of the most stressful times of the year. Between...  Read More »

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Student Life

A Knack for Track

A Knack for Track

Madi Weaver

As the track season is nearing its final weeks some of the athletes have more to look forward to than their last meets. This year several members of the track and field team...  Read More »

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Love Me, Love me Not?

Love Me, Love me Not?

Emily Nina, Staff Writer

Walking down the halls, you will probably see lots of couples leaned against the walls in between classes, oblivious to the world around them.  Some people roll their eyes,...  Read More »

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April 9, 2015

Is quality really worth the wait?

March 17, 2015

Upcoming Events

Varsity Softball is playing Shorecrest today, May 6th at 4pm. Game will be held at Shorecrest Highschool.

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Soccer is away at Lincoln Field playing Everett Highschool. JV is at 5:30pm and Varsity plays at 7:30pm on May 6th.

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Boys Baseball is home May 6th playing against Shorewood. Games start at 4pm!

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Flosstradamus: Soundclash EP

Flosstradamus: Soundclash EP

Max Schampier , Staff Writer

When it comes to the trap and EDM music in general, Flosstradamus’ newest album Soundclash EP...  Read More »

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