• Huff and Puff You Can’t Burn this Spirit Down

    Huff and Puff You Can’t Burn this Spirit Down

    Bethany Poteet, Staff Writer

    The fire that burned down the dugouts two weeks before the season was a shock to the coaches and players. The bigger shock is they will be rebuilt even better. “The dugouts are being rebuilt to the coach’s standards, high quality and with good storage, with all the things we have wanted in our... READ MORE »»

    Photo donated by Coach Celix

  • No Match for Hatch

    No Match for Hatch

    Bella Azar, Staff Writer

    Wednesday night was a tense game of push- pull for the Grizzlies Boys Basketball team in the 3A District 1 Semifinal against Marysville Pilchuck.  With nail biting switches in the lead, the Grizzlies came out on top beating the Tomahawks by one point.   The stands were packed, filled with... READ MORE »»

    photo by Bella Azar

  • Hitting Home

    Hitting Home

    Lexi Little, Staff Writer

    Danika Kahler hasn’t always been into art, but when her brother entered high school, she found inspiration in the world that her and her best friend share.   “I don’t do my art to make Dayton happy really, because sometimes I know he won’t understand.  I do it so that other kids will... READ MORE »»

  • Royal Victory

    Royal Victory

    Bella Azar, Staff Writer

    The apparel of the fans wasn't the only thing red hot last night, the Grizzlies Girls Basketball team beat the number one team in the state, the Lynnwood Royals by more than ten points. The first two quarters of the game were in Lynnwood's favor, but the players managed to never let them get too much... READ MORE »»

  • A Win for Argue

    A Win for Argue

    Isabella Azar, Staff Writer

    All the air in the room was drawn out with a gasp following a loud thud. During the third quarter with 7:28 on the clock, Junior Zach Argue suffered from a neck/head injury with the Shorecrest lead of 32-34 on the board. The entire room paused with exception of players scattering away and Coach Hunter,... READ MORE »»

    Photo by Isabella Azar


Playing in the Big Leagues

Playing in the Big Leagues

Madi Weaver, Staff Writer

As their successful regular season came to an end, the Varsity team has entered playoffs and so have freshmen Nicole Jensen and Abbigail Juozapaitis. Jensen (5’6”) and Juozapaitis (5'7") are both shooting guards on the JV team but they have been called up to the Varsity team for...  Read More »

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Freshman Grizzlies lose to Warriors

Freshman Grizzlies lose to Warriors

Katie Hager, Staff Writer

Tuesday night, February 10th, the boy’s basketball C-team played their final game of the season. Competing against Edmonds Woodway, whom they previously lost to, GP was able to keep it a close game. At the end of the first quarter the Grizzlies were down by thirteen. Trey Evans and Riley...  Read More »

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Dawg Trainers: Wind Ensemble takes Class at UW

Dawg Trainers: Wind Ensemble takes Class at UW

Remi Pitstick, Staff Writer

Tuesday February 10th...  Read More »

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Student Life

Worth It

Worth It

Rachel Gitnes, Staff Writer

The tickets for Super bowl 49 were soaring in the last couple days before the game, coming to upwards of 10,000 dollars. So was it really worth it spending a fortune to watch...  Read More »

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