• Tomahawk to Grizzly

    Tomahawk to Grizzly

    Emily Nina, Staff Writer

    Mr. Hauck is new to our school this year. He’s teaching Modern World History and Psychology.  He came from Marysville-Pilchuck, and has worked in Nigeria, including building a library for a community that has never had one.  He has a niece and a nephew he loves to travel with, and has taken them... READ MORE »»

  • GP Loves MP

    GP Loves MP

    Students dress in red and white in support of Marysville Pilchuck. Posters and cards will be delivered before MP students return next Monday.

  • Support Begins with Red and White Tuesday

    Support Begins with Red and White Tuesday

    Kyleigh Magness, Staff Writer

    This past Friday while Glacier Peak hallways were emptied of students, our neighboring Marysville High School students walked down the hallways to the sounds of gunshots. This event shook the local community, as well as the Glacier Peak staff and students. Plans of support begin with wearing red and... READ MORE »»

  • Scientists Go Mad For Spirit Week

    Scientists Go Mad For Spirit Week

    Rowan Stone, Photo by Olivia Lytle

    If you think you have the best school spirit, these two science teachers will take you on. Ms. Moon and Mrs. Scott not only dress up, but go above and beyond; thinking of new ways to represent each spirit day. The first spirit day, Monday October 13th, was pajama day. Instead of just dressing up in... READ MORE »»

  • Senior Sunrise

    Senior Sunrise

    Bailey Vassalli

    The class of 2015 gathers outside the commons to watch the sunrise on their last first day of school. Some students come prepared with treats to share among the class, while others comment on how they have “never seen the sunrise before.”


Ending The Season On A Good Note

Ending The Season On A Good Note

Alex Fatkin, Staff Writer

Stepping onto the field on October, 29th the odds didn’t look positive for the Girls Varsity Soccer Team. They were playing Shorecrest who was undefeated the entire season. The teams went back and forth the entire half and after the first 40 minutes the score was 0-0. Halfway through the...  Read More »

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Too Close To Call

Too Close To Call

Emma Bollinger, Staff Writer

With the season closing in fast for the Varsity Volleyball team is vying for a position in the playoffs. Emotions ran high during Senior Night as four girls said goodbye to coaches and thanked parents and fans for support. “Our team hasn’t been doing well, we had a way better beginning to the...  Read More »

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Taking Action Against Ebola

Taking Action Against Ebola

Avery Oshman

Biotech just got real! For those who don’t see the significance in what they learn in school Mrs. Caraballo’s advanced biotech is learning about the very relevant Ebola...  Read More »

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Student Life

Game Club: More Than Just a Game

Game Club: More Than Just a Game

Breannah Kanaly, Staff Writer

It’s the real deal. Thursdays at 2:30, dozens of people flood Mr. Benson’s room and they play all sorts of games. Video games, card games, board games and even figurine...  Read More »

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