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  • Top 8 Summer Spots In Washington

    Top 8 Summer Spots In Washington

    Lourdes Marmol. Kayla Wentland, Staff Writer

    With our streak of rain and gloomy days from October to March, we all crave the sun and summer breeze. With summertime blues at an all-time high, we’ve put together the ultimate list of activities for the staycationers. Here are fun and cheap things to do in the Pacific Northwest this summer: Bi...

    A view of the Deception Pass Bridge. Credit:

  • Stars in Seattle: Inside SIFF

    Stars in Seattle: Inside SIFF

    Emily Nina, Staff Writer

    For those less familiar with the SIFF, it is a collection of over 400 films from 80 different countries, all premiered one after the other at various SIFF-owned theaters around the Seattle area. It has often been referred to as a "marathon, not a sprint" and "not for the faint of heart." And after...

    A poster for the esteemed festival. Credit:

  • Off to Regionals

    Off to Regionals

    Tyler Tschantre, Staff Writer

    The Snohomish Marine Corps JROTC Armed Drill Team had a goal from the beginning of the season which was to make it to regionals. Regionals for JROTC is like state for any sports team; the best three schools from each division go to compete in either the PFT-team ( physical fitness team), unarmed drill,...

    The team practices their color guard routine.

  • Bikini Blowout

    Bikini Blowout

    Payton Quinn, Staff Writer

    The young clothing brand SunnyCo Clothing posted an announcement that caused an internet frenzy. On May 2, SunnyCo Clothing’s official Instagram account released what seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime deal to a relatively small audience. The post included within the next 24 hours, “everyone that...

    This is the picture that the SunnyCo account originally posted. In only a few hours, it had thousands of hits. Credit: SunnyCo Clothing

  • DECA In Disney

    DECA In Disney

    Sam Kunz, Staff Writer

    On Tuesday, April 25, six DECA students flew to Anaheim, CA for the yearly International Career Development Conference. “This is our international conference, so it’s something that kids really have to work for, in order to be able to go. The kids go to area and those who place move on to state and...

    The group takes a picture in front of the conference center.

Upcoming Events

Community Conversations May 22-23 @ 6:30pm
EOC/SBA Exams May 23-24, School Starts @ 9:55am for non-testing students
Spring Band Concert May 24
Valley View 8th Grade Visit May 26
Memorial Day May 29, No School


The Final Push

The Final Push

Alexander Ropka, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is near, and it cannot be ignored. For many students, these final weeks of school are a struggle. With assignments stacking up, deadlines due, and...

May 11, 2017No Comments

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Everything, Everything is EVERYTHING

Everything, Everything is EVERYTHING

Maggie Borland, Emily Nina, Staff Writer

Everything, Everything, a film that will sweep the nation on Friday, May 19, is a must-see movie for anyone who felt the Fault In Our Stars was lacking the happy ending i...

May 17, 2017No Comments

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The Trump Train Derailed

The Trump Train Derailed

Sam Ketchem, Web Editor

Only three weeks ago, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. In those short few weeks, the federal government has gone into a tailspin. It all started after...

February 10, 2017No Comments

“And Still, We Rise”

January 25, 2017


December 6, 2016

Student Life

5 Picture Perfect Locations

5 Picture Perfect Locations

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

School is ending quickly and summer is coming our way. Summer is the perfect time to go out and have a photo shoot. The weather is great and grabbing a couple friends to go...

May 19, 2017No Comments

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Let’s Talk About Ms. Lee

Let’s Talk About Ms. Lee

Asher Gannon, Staff Writer

One of Glacier Peak’s newest editions is Ms. Lee. Lee is a supporting teacher inside and out of the classroom. Lee loves to attend many sporting events such as Varsity Boys’...

May 9, 2017

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Videos By Students for Students

by Sam Kunz, Abby Allan and Areha Jackson

The news site of Glacier Peak High school
The news site of Glacier Peak High school