• A Win for Argue

    A Win for Argue

    Isabella Azar, Staff Writer

    All the air in the room was drawn out with a gasp following a loud thud. During the third quarter with 7:28 on the clock, Junior Zach Argue suffered from a neck/head injury with the Shorecrest lead of 32-34 on the board. The entire room paused with exception of players scattering away and Coach Hunter,... READ MORE »»

    Photo by Isabella Azar

  • Behind the Door

    Behind the Door

    Looking through the paint on each artist’s door, there is a photo of an influential person. These photos are projected on all the art doors that line the halls, but only the artist can tell the story behind them. Dana Kelley one of the artists didn’t want to paint her door because of how time consuming... READ MORE »»

    photo by Abby McAuliffe

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown

    Jessica Tiede, Staff Writer

    We’ve all seen the tweets about the impending stress and anxiety that’s inevitably creeping up on students regarding first semester finals. The week is almost upon us, and the frantic work to save or maintain grades is all the talk on social media. Stress is building and it’s definitely not beneficial,... READ MORE »»

    Photo by Remi Pitstick

  • Setting Records and Making History

    Setting Records and Making History

    Samantha Fatkin, Staff Writer

    The Varsity girls basketball team is off to the best start ever. It’s a banner year for GP, the first time the girls varsity have had a winning streak last this long. “This is one of the best teams I have ever coached,” Coach Brian Hill said. “We are off to a great start and I’m really excited.”... READ MORE »»

    photo by Rachael Gitnes

  • Threat Evacuates School

    Threat Evacuates School

    Andria Desroche, Staff Writer

    At 11:35am over 1,700 students filed outside as blinking lights and obnoxious alarms rang through the halls. Fourth period just started when the threat was reported and the school evacuated. The threat was found by a student written on the bathroom wall saying that the school would explode. Due to... READ MORE »»


Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Madi Weaver, Staff Writer

Most of the team members flinch when their record is brought up. It is a reflex they have all developed this season and it is something they are constantly thinking about. The Junior Varsity Girls’ basketball team has not lost a game since their coach John Rasmussen, or ‘Dino’ as the team calls...  Read More »

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Trouble in the Stables

Trouble in the Stables

Isabella Azar, Staff Writer

What started as a 9-7 lead in favor of the Grizzlies at the end of the first quarter transitioned to a back and forth game with the Mavericks on top 55-40, a season low score for the Grizzlies. ...  Read More »

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Human Canvas

Human Canvas

Kianna Garner, Staff Writer

Most science finals include pencil and paper, but in Mrs. Scott’s Anatomy class the final involved paint brushes and a student body as a canvas. Wrapping up their unit on...  Read More »

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Student Life

Still Dreaming

Still Dreaming

Faith Krieger, Staff Writer

Once a year we take time out of the month of January to celebrate and remember the struggles and triumphs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Schools all over American gather together...  Read More »

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