Modified Holiday Traditions


Because of 2020 being extremely chaotic, people are unable to host large holiday gatherings. So, families have figured out ways to modify their traditions.

The Seelhoff family decided that “Instead of going to Santa pictures and dinner like we do every year, we got a Santa suit for my dad to wear and we will take them on my camera. Then for dinner, we are going to go somewhere quick then we will go look at Christmas lights in a bunch of neighborhoods” said Chloe Seelhoff.

While they go out and make the best of what they can, others are staying home and taking the year off, such as the Cheldiu family. “My family is definitely just more chill this year. Usually, we do a bunch during December, like light shows and concerts, and other holiday festivities. But this year we are just going to chill at home and watch holiday movies. It’s giving us time to focus on our family which is a lot less hectic” said Ioana Cheldiu.

Then there are others who are taking advantage of the internet and hosting zoom calls with their larger families. Just like the Stevensons. “Our family is doing zoom calls with our extended relatives since we couldn’t all get together for Thanksgiving,” said Hailey Stevenson.

There are many ways people can modify their traditions and play it safe. The holidays could cause a massive outbreak in COVID-19 so it is recommended to stay home and away from large groups. Stay safe and happy holidays.