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From Resolutions to Realities


As the calendar turns its pages to a new year, students across the school set up new goals for themselves, or in other words, resolutions. This annual tradition offers a chance for personal growth, motivation, and self-reflection. From self-care to academics to athletics, these students have a wide range of goals. While some people don’t actually follow through with these resolutions, the students at our school certainly seem to.  

Miranda Myers, a current junior, made a self-care-based resolution and plans to stick to it. “My resolution was to start taking better care of my skin,” Myers said. “So far, I would say I’ve been following it through pretty well. I’ve been following a daily skin care routine and consistently washing my face; I want to make a habit out of it this year.” 

Others focused their resolutions on athletics with it being a common theme in this year’s resolutions. “I just want to improve on my tennis skills this year,” Jasmine Neph said. “I’ve been going to tennis practice two times a week to work towards my goal.”

Mckenna Footer also plans to focus on athletic improvement. “I’m trying to get back into running since I used to run a lot when I was in middle school and now this year, I want to do track,” she said. “I have been following it through, I’ve been running like three times a week and putting that work in.” 

Similarly, Jan Monné also wants to build on his athletic capabilities. “I want to be more athletic this year,” Monné said. “I’ve been following my goal by going to swim practice and I plan to do track later this year too.”  

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some instead made resolutions revolving around academics. Lauren Kim said, “I want to not be such a big procrastinator this year. I’m actually going to do my work and I won’t wait till the last minute.” So far, she’s been staying true to her goals saying, “I have been staying on track, I’ve been turning things in a couple of days early.” 

The common stereotype of not actually working towards your New Year’s resolution doesn’t seem to be common to these students. Let’s hope they stick to and fulfill their goals this year! 

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