Chinese Club at Club Fair Day


Sabrina Wang, Staff Writer

Club Fair Day took place on May 19th at GP, with various clubs enthusiastically participating, including the Chinese Club. On this day, the majority of school clubs actively engaged, providing an opportunity for incoming freshmen to gain a comprehensive understanding of school activities.

The Chinese Club showcased its diverse range of activities during Club Fair Day, warmly welcoming eighth-grade middle school students who are about to enter high school. Club members were enthusiastic and patiently answered questions, guiding their peers to experience the charm of Chinese culture firsthand. The club’s treasurer, Lauren Kim, mentioned, “There are a lot of people who are interested in our club, although some have noticed that we offer Chinese sweets and that we plan to make bubble tea next year.”

Club Fair Day was not just an opportunity to introduce club activities to incoming high school students but also a chance for cross-cultural exchange. Clubs also sought new members through this event. The Chinese Club made extensive preparations for this day, presenting their previous club activity plans as promotional material. Kim mentioned, “Our Chinese club has done many interesting activities this year, such as making dumplings, writing calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc. We also provided a field trip to Chinatown in Seattle.”

Through various activities, club members conveyed the joy of learning about Chinese culture to the students, leading to the success of the Chinese Club during the Club Fair. “We have a total of 20 students signed up for our Chinese club, and we look forward to seeing them next year!” Kim added.

For students about to enter high school, Club Fair Day is a crucial opportunity to explore and choose clubs aligned with their interests. Other school clubs actively participated, offering activities in different fields such as art, sports, and science. Students searched for their areas of interest among the numerous clubs, signaling the beginning of a high school life full of opportunities and growth.