Filling the Final Moments


Kiera Kennedy, Staff Writer

As their high school years are coming to an end, for some seniors these few days are the last moments they have with their friends before they all move and go off to college. Some of the most dreadful parts of ending senior year is the fact that you and your friends, more likely than not, are not going to be in the same city, let alone the same state. So as the time to leave and move in to college comes closer and closer, let’s see what some seniors have planned or want to do with their friends before they move and go off to college. “I really want to go to the lake with my friend group for a day, hangout and just make the most of the little time we have left at home before I move out of state to Oregon. But on the bright side though I do get to room with one of my best friends, so that makes me a little less sad to move,” Ashleigh Wojcik said.

For some others, they won’t be moving too far, and are just moving to a different location in the state. This could be 30 minutes to a local community college, an hour away to University of Washington, or five hours away to Washington State University. “I’m really excited to move and nervous to move to college. I’m excited because I can do what I want and not have to ask for my parents permission, but also that means I’m not going to have my parents there to go to,” Ashlynn Burr said. “But one thing I want to do before I move is spend time with my nana and family but also right before I move I’m going to watershed with a bunch of my friends which I’m really looking forward too.”

Some seniors aren’t moving out quite yet. Some people are staying home and going to a local community college. While that does bring joy, as you don’t have to leave you family, it also often means you won’t have your friends, as they are moving away to colleges further away. “I’m really not looking forward for my friends to move away because I won’t just be able to last minute do something with them and hangout. But I do have some friends who are staying local so I won’t be by myself. Also because I’m staying at home I get to keep the same job I have which is a nice plus,” Emma Orecchio said.

This is just a reminder that you don’t have to go to college right away. If you don’t know what you want to do, or know what you want to do and know you don’t necessarily need to go to college to get that job, then it’s okay to not go. Don’t go to college just because everyone else is going; go because it was your decision.