Senior Activities


Josten’s Catalog they give you to order Senior merchandise.

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

There is about 68 days left, excluding weekends, until the seniors leave the place many of us have called home for four years. Some are excited to move onto the next chapter of our lives while some feel like this is a bittersweet moment leaving friends they have known since forever. Despite all this, the year is not over yet, we still have so much left to do in such little time. With so much on everyone’s mind, here’s a list of important events we have left of this school year so you are always in the know.

  1. April 14, Jostens will come during lunches to pass out Senior cap, gown, and announcements.
  2. April 22, Dads and Desserts
  3. May 8, Senior Mother Tea
  4. May 21, Senior Class Photo also known as the day you wear your future college or job outfit.
  5. May 23, the day many of us have waited for, Prom at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.
  6. May 28, Senior Awards Night, this is a night for seniors who have been granted scholarships.
  7. May 29, Field Day and Yearbook distribution
  8. June 1-3, Our last finals as high schoolers ever.
  9. June 2, Seniors vs Staff members basketball game.
  10. June 3, Senior Farewell Assembly, Serpentine, the Seniors walk through the halls one last time while the underclassmen fill the hallways, and Senior checkout where we go around to everyone to make sure we have completed everything.
  11. June 4, Senior Brunch, it is unclear of the pricing now but will be updated as soon as we know.
  12. June 5, Senior Cruise in Seattle
  13. June 8, Graduation and Grad Night if you are going