Class of ’23 Senior Prank


Garrett Clarke

The grizzly bear outside the commons entrance. Covered with toilet paper, saran wrap, duct tape, and topped with a traffic cone.

Garrett Clarke, Senior Editor

The seniors’ last day was June 7, 2023. The following night/morning, the annual senior prank ensued. On June 8, the underclassmen were welcomed by the bear dressed up with duct tape, saran wrap, and of course toilet paper. The front doors were blocked with garbage cans as well. 

As for the inside of the school, the commons and the courtyard were both covered in toilet paper and streamers. Sticky notes were placed around the walls in the hallways and on the vending machines. Balloons filled stairways with saran wrap keeping them inside the rails. 

“This year’s prank was 1028x better than last year’s prank. — But sadly, all of it was gone after first period ended,” sophomore Heba Abu-Helaweh said. 

However, a few classes in the senior hallway were targeted, Mr. Divito’s room had a boat on top of desks. The boat was moved into the hall and then the stairwell. Mr. Bonner and Mr. Blair’s rooms were both “decorated” with streamers and the desks were either rearranged and/or flipped upside down. Mr. Johnson’s room was covered with Post-It Notes on the walls and the desks arranged in a circle in his room. On the first floor outside Mr. Mossberg’s room the floor was covered with red Solo cups. 

As for the parking lot, it seemed a new photo spot had been created. Since a toilet was left in the parking lot after the prank, students took selfies of themselves standing in the abandoned toilet. Before the prank was pulled seniors gathered and camped out in the parking lot. Complete with tents and snacks the seniors prepared for their final send off at Glacier Peak. “The prank was actually really fun even if it felt not organized at the beginning. I am glad for the people that stayed there and work[ed] since the beginning,” Sara Liberati said.