ASB Officer Elections


Sam Ketchem

A poster for the voting center in room 203.

Sam Ketchem, Web Editor

As the semester ends, candidates for ASB class officer positions start their campaigns. These students are some of the most involved in participate in everything from sports teams to community service clubs. This year, there are over 10 candidates, all of whom are juniors, that are. running for the four positions. This is a new school record. It is also the first year in the school’s history that there has been more then one candidate running for each individual office.

“I would like to thank all the candidates for their courage,” ASB advisor Terri Corwin said.

AJ Ammons, Gracey Edwards and Brett Redman are running for President. The nominees all stressed the need for an inviting school climate that promotes unity.

“Be loud. Be proud. Be positive,” said Redman, quoting a common saying by Mr. Larson.

Senior Gavin Johnson asked the presidential candidates about how they plan to address the racism and sexism that was highlighted by recent events that occurred at the winter pep assembly.

“I think we need to encourage a more positive school climate,” Edwards said.

Vice Presidential candidates James George, Campbell Hague and Cassie Williams all gave speeches about how they are qualified to hold the office and how they see the school.

Hague shared a story about when she came into class late and was embarrassed. She said she realized that school is not all about grades, but that it is also a time for growth and change.

Alaina Bol and Kaylee Sweum chose to run for Secretary. They also addressed racism and the bad light the school sometimes gets put in.

“Let’s start coming together,” Sweum said.

Treasurer candidates Brayden Corwin and Kendra Opsata have a unique job because they help manage the ASB’s funds.

Voting for the officers is open Jan. 15 through Jan. 17 in room 203. ASB cards are recommended but not required.