Without the Black Panther, Wakanda will Fall


Angelica Heimbigner, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever made a profit of $180 million from its opening weekend. After one week, that number grew to $400 million, catching up quickly to the original Black Panther movie’s international revenue of $1.3 billion that currently stands as the 14th highest-grossing movie ever created. This film allowed Disney’s global collection to surpass $3 billion at the box office. In just a few days, Marvel has already benefited from their newest project which was given a budget of $250 million. 

People who have not yet watched the movie have come forward about their enthusiasm for Wakanda Forever after the trailer alone. Especially with the introduction of comic hero and villain, Namor, who is Marvel’s First Mutant and tech genius Riri Williams, otherwise known as Ironheart. “I’m anticipating how Wakanda will protect themselves from K’uk’ulkan and what’s going on with Namor and the people from Talokan,” said Jesus Juarez Lopez. 

As of Nov 15, four days after the movie’s release, Google reviews have ranged from watchers enjoying the soundtrack to annoyed about the inclusion of politics, giving it an average of 4.2 stars. While people on the internet have expressed their judgements, teenagers have had nothing but good to say about Marvel’s newest project. Dedicated fans are highly satisfied with the movie after the long hiatus when Wakanda Forever was delayed six months. Following a recent growth in interest for Marvel, student Hanna Ligons discusses her expectations going into the movie. 

“I was extremely excited to see this movie because I had been thinking about it since I knew they were going to be making a second black panther movie. I kept an open mind and was ready for everything because that’s how marvel works, sometimes you never know what to expect,” said Ligons. 

In addition to eagerness about storylines and new characters, fans raved about the movie’s alluring imagery and soundtrack. Songs like “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna and “Con La Brisa” by Foudeqush and Ludwig Göransson were big hits among watchers immersed in the story. “The combination of songs and unbelievable visuals had me in tears by the end credit scene. Wakanda Forever brought me through the trenches and back,” Harper Coughran said.