All About Link Crew


Link Crew members with the new freshmen (photo taken by Amanda Coburn)

Kiera Kennedy, Staff Writer

At the end of every year, over 100 sophomores and juniors send in applications to become one of the new Link Crew leaders for the upcoming school year. Once the final 100 students are chosen, they begin to prep for incoming freshmen. The new members receive a day of training prior to summer, and two days of training right before the first day of school. During training, team members get to know each other and play games, which in turn prepare them to play the same games with the incoming freshmen. In preparation for the freshmen’s first day, Link Crew members partner up and start to plan and produce a theme for their freshmen. “I had a lot of fun leading up to it. All the games we played with Link Crew and all the games we played to get ready for the freshmen it was fun,” Avery Main said.

Once the first day of school comes around, Link Crew members meet their group of freshmen and spend the day with them. But once the day is over, unlike what most people think, they do not just leave the freshman on their own. Throughout the first semester, crew members meet in the halls of their freshmen’s classes to check on them and see if they need anything. “It’s nice to see them in their natural environment with their friends and talk to them. It’s a little bit difficult because it’s a little intimidating when they’re all together but overall, it’s really nice to get to talk to them,” Ava Berg said.

With the end drawing near for this group of Link Crew leaders, spots are beginning to open up, so if you’re a sophomore or junior interested in joining Link Crew, here are some thoughts from your current Link Crew leaders: “I would totally recommend it, I really enjoyed it, and it was really fun, and I got to know new people,” Jessica Eames said.

“Yes, absolutely, it’s great to [be a Link Crew member] because you’re doing it with your other junior friends and senior friends but also you get to meet all the new freshmen and you get to have a little bit of a leadership position in this school which is super beneficial,” Berg said. If becoming a Link Crew member interests you or sounds like something new and different that you would enjoy, keep your eye out for sign-ups in the upcoming semester.