A Must or Bust: AP US History

A Must or Bust: AP US History

Jacqueline Shaner, Sports Editor

Although some students take an AP history class to attempt to get an easy A that looks good on their college applications the juniors this year who are taking AP US History have had more fun than expected.

With very little homework compared to the AP World History class, many students take the year prior APUSH has weekly terms lists where students write the definitions for keywords.

The teacher Mrs. Dobeck, also a former Spanish teacher and DJ, fills the class with excitement every Monday with trivia and continues it throughout the week preparing entry task activities for the class to prevent note writing from taking up the whole class. Although not required some students, however, don’t mind going the extra mile to write aesthetic notes.

“I actually like writing notes because I can make them look pretty and use lots of different colors,” Madison Stumpf said.

Starting with a summer assignment that begins in 1491 and ending the year with a modern history project this class follows the AP curriculum for what is needed to know on the AP test. Mrs. Dobeck thoughtfully prepares her students for what is known as one of the hardest AP tests all the while providing extra credit and accommodating each individual student’s needs.

“Dobeck is a good teacher I think she brings in the positive vibes,” Jack McChesney said. “She makes the class fun and easy to follow.”

Compared to AP World the year before APUSH is a more laid-back AP class that many students enjoy having taken. The critical thinking and comparison skills learned throughout this course will serve many students beyond high school and into college.

“For future students, I recommend using Khan Academy to study for the unit tests because it really helped me get through,” Stumpf said.