Three of the Best Chicken Sandwiches Ranked

A box of Popeyes chicken. credit: dfmobile via

Sam Ketchem, Web Editor

The chicken sandwich will most likely always be a classic American dish. Although simple, it can be really delicious. But what fast food chain offers the best sandwich? I tried three of the best meals in the Seattle area to get a definitive answer to this age old question.

  1. Popeyes. Yep, the hype is true. This sandwich is to die for (I’m serious, people have been stabbed over it). When it was released for a limited time in Aug. lines were out the door. Every store in the nation would routinely sell out daily. And now that the sandwich is here to stay, everyone needs to get one. The bun is soft yet crisp and the chicken is moist but extremely crispy on the outside. The pickles add some tang all while sauce compliments the other elements. And at a price of $3.89? What more could one ask for?
  2. Shake Shack. The Shake Shack Chicken Shack sandwich pleasantly surprised me. Although I love this trendy New York chain with all of my heart and soul, I always get their burgers. But this meal may have changed my go to order. The chicken is probably one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. It seasoned well and is accompanied by a great sauce. And while it may be on the pricier side, it is definitely worth it. Note: I would also order a chocolate Shack Attack. This dark chocolate custard-ice cream combo made with brownie bites is one of my favorite desserts ever.
  3. Chick Fil A. Despite some of the controversy, I have loved Chick Fil A for a long time. But the chain’s sandwich comes in last place. You can not beat their service and their fries, but the sandwich quality is behind both Popeyes and Shake Shack. So while it is definitely still good, it is nowhere near the superior taste of the others.