New Fortnite Update Is Here

Fortnite is back and better than ever with Chapter 2


Alex Lundin, Staff Writer

It’s finally here. After 36 hours of staring at a black hole, gamers can now jump for joy because Fortnite Chapter 2 has officially been released.  This has been the biggest ever update Epic Games has put out for this game, and considering it is one of the most played video games in the world, it needed to be. One of the new things implemented was a brand-new island, which features 13 new locations. These locations include Dirty Docks, Sweaty Sands, and many others to explore. Epic Games also introduced motor boats into the game, allowing for you to travel on lakes and rivers. You can also swim and fish for items to give you health. Players are also able to interact with the environment in a number of new ways, including the ability to hide in small places like haystacks and barrels. There have also been many weapons such as the Tactical SMG, the Infantry Rifle, and the Heavy Sniper removed from the game in order simplify fire fights. The update also includes a new and improved Battle Pass system.

With 85 million players worldwide in October, it is expected that there will be even more in November with this new update. However, players and fans of the game have been becoming increasingly upset as there was a lack of patch notes with the new update. Fortnite players weren’t able to see what exactly was changed in the new game. Gamers used sites like Reddit and Twitter to illustrate their discontent with the absence of update notes, and even expressed a desire to quit playing the game if Fortnite didn’t communicate with their followers. As of October 22, Epic Games released patch notes, giving their followers something to be excited about.