‘Milk Men’ Milk the Competition

Milk Men Milk the Competition

Elizabeth Shapley, Staff Writer

‘The Milk Men’ won the Macho Volleyball game in the main gym last Saturday night. Macho Volleyball is a tournament that Glacier Peak has participated in for years. Previous to the match, some players from the team ‘I Thought This Was Tennis’ were interviewed on their participation in Macho Volleyball. All the players have different reasons for participating. “I did it last year too, but it was just cause Caleb was like, ‘ay Max, do volleyball,’ and I was like ok,” Max Thoman said. 

Vox Witruk has a nickname for Caleb Wilson. “He’s the circus master, his circus, his monkeys, we are the monkeys. Generally, our team’s vibe was just very fun and chaotic, clowning around per say, I guess clowns and circus just fit. Plus, Caleb just seems like this big impressive kinda guy, big presence, kinda like a circus master. When it comes to game time though, I know the team buckled down, we’re serious at practice but we’re just a group of friends,” Witruk said.

Another reason Witruk thinks the team likes to participate is, “We’re not really even playing to win, we’re playing to have fun and I think that’s really important,” Witruk said. Playing to have fun seemed to pay off, as ‘I Thought This Was Tennis’ came in third overall.

Luke Carlson, a player on the winning team, ‘The Milk Men,’ comments that his team didn’t plan on participating earlier in the year. “During the summer we played volleyball up at the sand courts, at Willis Tucker. We kinda practiced there, without even realizing that we were gonna do Macho Volleyball,” Carlson said. 

‘The Milk Men’ won Macho Volleyball as one of the youngest teams participating. “We went, we won, we thought we were gonna lose for sure, like seeing all the other teams and us being like the youngest there, but I mean– we made it a lot farther than we thought, so,” Carlson said.