What Is Your Story?


Ellen Allen on a cloudy day.

Abby Allan, Staff Writer

What is your single story? Even if we don’t like admitting it, everyone is judged by their peers and we all judge others. When we don’t know somebody’s full life story it’s easy for us to quickly decide what kind of person they are based on one story we hear or what we see. So what’s your single story? How would people judge you if they saw you passing down the hallway or see you interacting with others?

For Junior, Elena Allen, she says “I assume people see me as an out-going, hardworking girl that tries to stay positive and keep people feeling included as much as possible. Only people who really get to know me understand that I have to work so hard in school because I want to get into a good college and make my parents proud. I get extremely stressed and nervous before any test because I put so much pressure on myself. My home life with my family is very busy and I’m constantly helping my friends with their problems, it’s hard to find time for myself. I never try to show this side of me though because I want people to always see me as the outgoing and positive person that I am but I also want them to understand that my life isn’t perfect and I struggle with everyday things that I’m sure everyone at our school struggles with also.”

Everyone has more than one story. Everyone has gone through something we won’t know about until we get to know them. Remember that nobody has a perfect life and everyone is struggling with something. It’s true that we are constantly making assumptions everyday about every person we pass by but remember that we can’t fully comprehend a person based on one thing we see or hear.