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High Ticket Sales At Homecoming

Cole Eydt, Staff Writer

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This homecoming, the bookkeeping office sold 1,106 tickets.

The book keeping office claimed that this year’s ticket sales were definitely larger than sales last year.

“Last year [we sold] about a thousand and sixty [tickets], which is strange because we have less students this year than last year. There were definitely a lot of people excited about it ,” Bookkeeping said.

Terri Corwin, our ASB advisor, was pumped about the high turnout at this year’s homecoming.

“We have been right around the thousand to eleven hundred range the past two years and before that attendance was right about nine hundred. So, we have definitely seen a bigger turn out these past couple years.”

Homecoming was a big hit and Corwin believes that the juniors and seniors have played a huge role in the popularity of homecoming.

“Since our upperclassman have been participating that has set a standard that this is an inclusive all school activity, which I think has made it something that that everyone that comes gets to enjoy. We are seeing that our upperclassmen are really embracing that this is their last year,” Corwin said.

Even the students that attended Homecoming this year noticed that it was much more crowded than the years before. Chloe Hartmann, a senior at Glacier Peak High School, was astonished at the outcome of this year’s homecoming.

“There were a lot of people there, I saw several kids dancing off to the side because it was really crowded on the dance floor.I took off my shoes half-way through the dance and my toes got stepped on numerous times.”

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  1. cole on October 24th, 2017 10:22 am

    this story is sooooooo awesome!!!!! i love it <3 keep up the good work


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