GPHSFoodReviews critiques school lunch items


Elizabeth Schwartzhoff

The home page of their Instagram account. In only a few weeks, they accrued over 700 followers.

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

GPHSFoodReviews is an account that reviews all the food from the school cafeteria and gives a rating out of 10. They started their account on September 29 and they have gained over 750 followers; they post almost every day. The account is also completely anonymous. Not many know who they actually and have actually heard from them, until now.

“Not at all, I thought I would get at most around ten followers, half of them being my family. To be honest I didn’t think anyone would care about the commentary, I just wanted to do it for fun,” gphsfoodreviews said.

Everyone seems to be loving how comedic the account is.

“I was at lunch one day and critiquing the food and just kind of laughed to myself and said “you know what would be funny?” and the rest is history,” gphsfoodreviews said.

The account also talks about a girl named Zoey very frequently and their on and off relationship. There is also an Instagram account that has conspiracies about who this mysterious mastermind behind the account.

“They are so funny, I love them so much. At first, I was worried someone would try to expose me and since the comedy of this account is mainly based on my anonymity, the reviews would be ruined. But after reading them and seeing that most of the jokes vary from Mr. Dean to obsessed ASB kids, I find them hysterical,” gphsfoodreviews said.

Although many people are trying to figure who this person is, finding out their identity would make the reviews not as mysterious and funny. This account has blown up in such a small period of time and if you are looking for a good laugh, follow gphsfoodreviews.