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Display Case Decorations Outside the Library

Kirsty Fleming, Staff Writer

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Every month, there is a new display outside of the library. It’s always themed for the season, or for any holidays that are coming up. It includes a color scheme that suits the theme, some kind of creative decor, and of course, lots of books. But do you know about how the display came to be?

Mrs. Waltz, the Assistant Librarian, is the person that comes up with the displays.

“I’ve done it for a while now, this month’s one is very Christmas-y, and has some books from popular fiction, and best reads lists,” Waltz said.

This month’s display features a Christmas tree made out of books, wrapped in lights, covered in some ornaments, and also has a book at the top with a star on it. Behind it, are some wrapped presents on the wall, and lots of books set out. The floor of the case is covered in wrapping paper and the case is finished up with lettering on the back wall that reads, ‘Get Wrapped Up In a Good Book!’

“I found the idea for the tree made from books on Pinterest, and then I remembered we had a set that had that dark green color, so it would work perfectly. At first, I wasn’t going to do the star on a book for a topper. Instead, I was going to put a normal Christmas-tree topper on it. But then one of the students helping me, Ana Capstick, suggested that I put a star on a book as the topper,” Mrs. Waltz said.

The display case is appreciated by students who like to see decorations to do with current holidays.

“I really like the display because even though it’s just a small gesture compared to the size of the school, it just brightens my day ever so slightly, and especially brings that holiday cheer during this time of the year,” junior Elisabeth Avenell said.


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