Why You Should Do College Abroad


Travel the world by studying abroad.

Elisabeth Avenell, Staff Writer

From what I’ve heard, college is what you make of it so why not make it extra great by doing it in another country?

Doing a study abroad program is a great way to make some international friends and explore the world and post it all over social media. Don’t forget about all of the delicious foreign cuisine.

Many colleges in this area offer abroad programs, and University of Washington will even help you financially if you decide you would like to study abroad. You can do it for a quarter to a year depending on what you are comfortable with.

Most 4 year degree programs recommend that you spend some time studying abroad, and actually prefer it. Purdue University statists show that people who have studied abroad are more likely to find a job straight out of school, be more comfortable in a diverse work environment, and had better GPA’s after they studied abroad.

But what about just going to college in a different country, not through a study abroad program? If you aren’t that adventurous, University of British Columbia is right across the border in Vancouver, Canada. It still gives you the “I’m in a different country and I can be independent” vibes while only being a few hours from your family. Or, you can go halfway across the globe to the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway. They have many different programs to study in English so you don’t have to worry about trying to learn a new language just to take a class.

Mrs. Hale, Glacier Peak’s career expert, says,”I would recommend studying abroad. It gives you some aspects of another culture you can’t get from books so spending a semester or quarter studying abroad making other connects and contacts can be a very good thing.”