Always Have Your Flares

Driving home from Stevens Pass, some friends and I witnessed a truck flip over the side of the road. The driver hit the guard rail and tried to swerve back into his lane. However, his tires grabbed onto the snow and pulled him over the side of the road. He landed on a patch of boulders in a small cove of trees. If it were not for the trees, the truck would have rolled onto the train tracks.

At first, I was unsure of what I was seeing. I thought that it was a mirage, considering I just witnessed a four thousand pound vehicle fly over the side of the road. We quickly pulled over, and called 911 with the two bars of data we had. The dispatcher pinged my cell location, and quickly called me back on her personal cell phone.

As we were leaving the house at 6:00 in the morning, I almost grabbed my flares out of my car. I decided against it, because we were using my friends car, so why would we need them? I had to wait 15 minutes until the ambulance came to put out flares. In a situation where someone else needed help, I was unable to set out flares to  keep everyone helping him safe.

So, moral of the story is… ALWAYS HAVE A SAFETY KIT IN YOUR CAR!!!

Some of the things you should have in your car safety kit:

  • A few extra water bottles
  • Extra snacks
  • A blanket
  • An extra pair of clothes
  • First aid kit ( bandages, rubbing alcohol, gauze, etc)
  • Kitty litter or ashes for traction (for driving in snow)
  • Jumping cables