Morgan Wallen Releases ‘One Thing At A Time’


Gillian Borseth, Staff Writer

After two long years of waiting, on Friday, March 3 Morgan Wallen finally released his new album ‘One Thing At A Time.’ With 36 songs including previously released singles, this was officially Morgan’s biggest album yet. On “Man Made A Bar,” one of the top Country artists, Eric Church is featured, artists such as HARDY and ERNEST also make an appearance. This album starts off with a song called “Born With A Beer In My Hand,” where Wallen talks about him and his family’s struggles with alcohol. Many of his songs from earlier albums mention whiskey or beer which coincide with this song. If you really pay attention almost every song, including the one called “Don’t Think Jesus,” says something about alcohol. The way he sings about things that have happened during his life really lets people connect to him, making him very popular, not to mention his amazing voice and mullet.

Morgan Wallen has also come out to say that he will be going on tour again. The ‘One Night At A Time’ tour will last 8 months from April to December 2023, he’s even going international with 12 concerts in Canada and one show in Great Britain. Morgan’s double album ‘Dangerous’ released in 2021, made history by being the first ever album to spend 100 weeks in the top 10 on any billboard ever. This album was also titled the third most streamed album in 2022. As an artist who just became popular, this is a very big deal.

In 2014, Morgan competed in season six of ‘The Voice,’ he was originally on team Usher but later joined Adam Levine’s team. He started off the competition by preforming covers of songs by One Direction, which he sang ‘Story of My Life,’ as well as Avicii’s ‘Hey brother.’ In 2016, Morgan officially signed to Big Loud Records, soon after he released his first ever single, “The Way I Talk” which eventually got featured in his debut album ‘If I Know Me.’ Although Wallen delt with a lot of controversy, he is now one of the biggest country artists in the country and well loved by his many fans.