Head in the Clouds


Maggie Borland , Staff Writer

Since the beginning of last year, junior Aidan Taber knew he was meant to be above it all. “I like the aspect of flying. I thought it was cool,” Taber said. Even though he doesn’t have his pilot’s license yet, Taber is working toward it.

“About once a week I go up with my instructor, depending on the weather. If it’s too windy or foggy I can’t take off. For example, this Friday I’m flying to Bellingham cross-country and flying back to Paine Field. Last week I flew to Paine Field and practiced working with air traffic control,” Taber said.

When he practices, he is in charge of everything. “I have to manage all the radio communications, keep the plane in what’s known as cordated flight which means you have complete control of the aircraft, you’re not exceeding or going under the maximum and minimum air speeds. You make sure all of your instruments are working properly and you’re making sure you’re flying safe. At first, being in control of everything was really stressful, but just like most things the more you do it the more you get used to it,” Taber said.

Taber already knows what airline he wants to fly with once he completes college. “I would love to fly with Delta because they pay extremely well and I love the routes they fly. They fly to Washington, they’re expanding and growing. They fly to the Midwest, all over the East coast. That means I could basically live wherever I want in this country,” Taber said. He also loves Delta’s fleet. “Their fleet is also really good. They fly airbuses and a lot of really big aircraft. They’re just really high-tech,” Taber said.

He would also like to expand to eventually flying internationally. “I would start off flying nationally because that’s how all pilots have to do, but then you go into the crazy pay check range where you fly for Delta but internationally. I would fly a Delta plane to China or something like that, and then back,” Taber said.

Becoming a pilot is just who he is. “It’s something I love doing, so it would be a job I would enjoy. Not only does it pay well but it’s a good job that I would love,” Taber said.