Patronize the Grizzly Grounds


Julia Murphy

Sipping on a friend’s Red Bull Italian Soda, senior Grace McManus stares at the camera.

Julia Murphy, Staff Writer

Why wait in the lunch line for a carton of milk when you can get an iced caramel macchiato instead? Right next to the cafeteria line, almost directly below the DECA Den, is what is called the Grizzly Grounds. The Grizzly Grounds is one of the few places to feed your caffeine addiction before school and during both lunches.

Staffed mainly by students, and overseen by one faculty member, the Grizzly Grounds add relationships to our school. Aside from just selling a variety of coffee drinks and Red Bull Italian sodas, nearly every student working the stand will know students by name if they order drinks a couple times. “The people that work at the Grizzly Grounds are super nice,” senior Awa Bayo said. The students working will listen to any accommodations you may have when ordering your drink, whether it be to add extra caramel sauce or getting whipped cream on top.

Most drinks vary from  $2-$3, and they accept cash or card. The Grizzly Grounds also offers a punch card for students who buy drinks often. Every ten drinks purchased, one is free regardless of size or order. They also have discounted drinks every day of the week. For example, Mocha Mondays, offers a $.50 cent discount. Senior Alayna Christensen, a regular customer at the Grizzly Grounds made note that “they have good prices, and Mocha Mondays are the best way to start my week.”

Some regulars have noted that buying a Red Bull Italian soda from the Grizzly Grounds actually gets you more bang for your buck than buying one from the DECA Den. “I think they do a better job at the Red Bull to flavoring ratio, and you can also get a bigger size than a 12 ounce for the same price,” junior Kiah Lines said.

Open from 7-7:20 before school every day, and the first 20 minutes of both A and B lunch, students can buy their drinks whether they could not make it to Starbucks or if they need a wake me up for a test in the afternoon. Coffee, Red Bull, tea, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, whatever you may be craving while at school, chances are the Grizzly Grounds sell it, and there’s no need to spend $5  at Starbucks every morning when you could be supporting the students of our school for less money and a more individualized, friendly experience.