6 Weird Yet Entertaining Things on Amazon

Are you bored and scrolling through Amazon? Here’s some tips on what to examine.

Bella Van Winkle

I am an avid Amazon shopper, but I don’t buy much. I buy presents for friends and family and maybe a few supplies I run out of. However, I find myself watching a YouTube video in one tab and searching for interesting things on Amazon for hours on the weekends, and let’s just say I’ve found a few interesting things over the last couple months.


  1. A little Groot flower Pot     Image result for groot flower pot


I am a plant person. I like buying plants, and while a lot of them die, it’s never because they are under-watered, it’s because they’re over-watered, a fate of an eager plant mother. However, this Groot flower pot has little holes on the bottom so the plant can drain water through. A small plant could fit in there, real or fake. If you’re not into plants like I am, you could put pencils and pens in there or sticks, because sticks are cool. The price is $6.65, which is a bit pricey for a flower pot, but it’s cute so why not?


  1. Pillows with people’s faces on them     Image result for pillow with peopls faces on them

Ever wonder what to get your friend for their birthday? Same! I combed the web for hours and hours, looking for the perfect gift for my best friend, and one of these options was a pillow that you can get your or someone else’s face printed on. Not only is it horrifying, but it’s useless in all ways but decorations and cuddling your best friend’s face when you’re lonely. Here’s the funny part- you don’t have to put your face on it. One thing that some people did in theater a while ago was they brought in a blanket with someone’s face printed on it- a Snapchat filter no less- and taped to the wall for the full show. It’s perfect for creeping people out, and only for $9.59!


  1. The Shaving Pedestal       Image result for shaving pedestal


Do you slip and slide around when you try to save your legs? Whether you use it to wash your legs (as everyone should) or to shave your legs for an event, it’s useful. You are able to stick it to your shower wall where ever you want, so if you’re a giant, your can finally reach your toes without cramping up and if you’re short, you can reach that high! Is there a con? Yes. It’s got a couple grooves, but for all we know, there’s hardly anything to stop your foot from sliding right off. However, that just calls for more muscle strength, so get ripped while shaving and there’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s even $6.99, so affordable and mediocre, just like the product.


  1. A Minion from Despicable Me camera Image result for minion camera


This is made for children, and most of the reviews are from moms. It’s got a night vision quality and it detects motion, so yeah, it’s for little kids that still require night time supervision. However, it’s so scary looking that if you were to buy it and just put it on a shelf somewhere, it’s going to make someone scream. Here’s the bonus- you can talk through it and the person on the other end will hear you. If you want to terrify your family, go for it. The price is $27.95, because it is a camera, but that’s a pretty good price for a camera.


  1. Mini 3D Moon Lamp Image result for moon 3d lamp


There’s not really anything weird about this one, but it’s very cool. It’s propped up on a little wooden stand and is a moon (are you surprised?), showing the craters and bumps on the surface. It also glows, working as a lamp and as a time waster, because you’ll be staring at it for hours. Is it weird? No. Is it useless except as a light source? Yeah, kinda, but it’s cool! $29.95 for a beautiful work of art.


  1. Creepy egg yolk sorter Image result for mr sniffles egg separator


You know when a recipe calls for two egg whites? What do you do to fix that? Use your hands and get them all sticky or getting a plastic water bottle and suffering through the loud crinkling? I’ve got a solution. There’s an egg yolk sorter that you can just crack the eggs in and it’ll do it for you. Here’s the weird part: it’s shaped like a face and the egg whites come out the nose like snot. It’s gross, it’s weird, but it works, so if your brother or mother or another person likes to bake, get this for them and gross them out! His name is Mr. Sniffles, and he is priced at $29.99, and I am already way too attached.


Happy shopping!