5 Hikes to Explore this Summer

Angelina Offin, Staff Writer

Here are my recommendations for some local hikes that will bring some Insta-worthy photos, decent exercise and Vitamin D. Check them out.

  1. Cherry Creek Falls: This hike is great for beginners and requires no pass. Cherry Creek Falls is located near Duvall and is 5 miles roundtrip. It only has a 450-foot elevation gain making it a pretty easy hike. Once you reach the end of the hike, you’ll come to a waterfall, making it a great place to go swimming at!


  1. Barclay Lake: This 4.4-mile-long hike is located on US-2 in the town of Baring. It requires a Northwest Forest Pass and has a gain of 500 feet. Once you reach the end of the trail, you will emerge from the forest to see a lake with a view of the mountains right behind it.


  1. Heather Lake: This hike is located near Granite Falls in the small town of Verlot that requires a Northwest Forest Pass. The hike is 4.6 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 1034 feet. This hike is a little more advanced because you will encounter some rugged terrain. The end point is a lake with a view of Mount Pilchuck.


  1. Wallace Falls: This hike is located in Gold Bar and requires a Discover pass when parking there. It is a 5.6-mile roundtrip hike that gains 1300 feet in elevation. This hike has three different stops. You first hike to the lower falls, then you can move on to the middle falls, and if you are up for it, you can go all the way to the upper falls. It gets pretty difficult the higher you  go up, so take it one stop at a time.


  1. Mount Pilchuck: 5.4 miles round trip, this hike gains 2300 feet in elevation. It is located near Granite Falls on the mountain loop highway and you’ll need a Northwest Forest Pass. It is moderate hike, so you may want to start out on a simpler hike and work your way up to this hike. Once at the top, it has views of Mount Baker, Mount Rainer and the Olympics from its shelter lookout.