Do You “Noah” ‘Bout This Club?


Uri Ramirez, Staff writer

Out of all the clubs here, there is one that stands out from the rest, One Voice. One Voice is the religious/Christian club at school. In this club, people talk about the Gospel and try to spread a good message throughout the school. This club is inclusive to everyone and allows anyone to come and hang out and meet new people. “I think it’s very inclusive because even if you don’t believe in God, you can still go and learn something, and you’ll be welcomed,” club member Damaris Ramirez said. “You can be eating food and learning about the Gospel then, who knows, maybe you’ll believe after you leave One Voice and want to learn more.”

The club meets every Thursday in room 312 after school until 3:30. One Voice usually has guest speakers that come and talk about how to be a better Christian. One time, One Voice invited the Pastor from Mountain View Church to come and talk about how to take baby steps in Christian faith. Another time, One Voice invited a substitute teacher, Mrs. Woltarski, to talk about her inspirational testimony about her life growing up and turning to Christianity.

Some people think that a religious club shouldn’t be at school because of the risk of discrimination. But the members at One Voice don’t see it that way, “It’s a good way to connect, meet new people, talk about Jesus, and get help if you need it. I think people that are not Christian think that we don’t really need this club and it’s kind of bad, but it depends how you look at it,” Adam Bogdan said.  “But I like having this club here because it’s nice to have a group that has the same interests and then have that as support.”