A Must or Bust: Precalculus

A Must or Bust: Precalculus

Jacqueline Shaner, Sports Editor

Taking high-level math classes can be intimidating to students for a variety of reasons. Feeling that the workload is going to be too much, and not understanding the concepts presented are just a couple.

In precalculus, the teachers work together to create a class that not only covers the curriculum necessary to prepare students for calculus but also does not overwhelm them. For example, homework is not handed out every day and many work days are given throughout the week to allow students to work with their peers and get the help they need from their teachers.

“McPeek is a great teacher, and I recommend the class because you’re actually doing stuff so I would take it as a senior over Math in Society,” current student Gabe Moreno said.

The concepts learned in precalculus are similar to those learned in Algebra 2 and the first semester is primarily review. Some new concepts are introduced second semester, but already learned topics are expanded upon which helps students develop a better understanding of the math that is being taught.

This year’s precalculus teachers, Mrs.McPeek and Mr.Mckenzie are working hard into the end of the school year to make sure their students, many of whom are taking calculus the following year, succeed.

“They are doing a chapter right now that prepares us for AP Calc next year,” current student Jack McChesney said.

Extra time and patience were also allocated to teach students this year, who took geometry online, many geometry-related concepts that were not dived into as deeply due to online school.

With little homework, and a lot of in-class time dedicated to asking questions, precalculus proves to be an excellent choice for students preparing for a STEM-related career, and even those who want to look more well-rounded on college applications.