Making Homecoming Posters

Seniors Hannah Clymer and Charlotte Offin work together to complete the Seniors' Homecoming run-through poster.

Crystin Clouser

Seniors Hannah Clymer and Charlotte Offin work together to complete the Seniors' Homecoming run-through poster.

Crystin Clouser, Staff Writer

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Last Friday, several students from each grade level stayed after school to work on run-through signs for the Homecoming football game. Students representing the Choir Club, Key Club, Dance Team, French Club, German Club, Game Club, Future Problem Solvers, RAKE Club and Drama created their own posters as well. Artists raced against the clock to create posters incorporating this year’s Homecoming theme “When the Clock Strikes 12”.

The seniors included a wide array of Disney characters and motifs in their poster: Mike Wazowski, Lightning McQueen, Ariel, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse all made appearances alongside Cinderella’s glass slipper, the rose from Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin’s magic lamp.

“Class of 2020” and “Perseverance” were lettered across the Junior’s poster. They also embodied their rendition of the iconic Disney castle.

Taking inspiration from the movie “Tangled”, the Sophomores united their poster with an arrangement of glowing lanterns against a night sky. A kindhearted message “Have a Delightful HC” spans the bottom of the poster.

The Freshmen got creative with their portrayal of a grizzly bear pulling the magical, transformed version Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. The Class of 2022 painted the phrase “Lead us to Victory” on their poster, implying that the grizzly bear, or the Glacier Peak Grizzlies, will pave the way to victory.

The various clubs that stayed after school to work were not required to embody this year’s Homecoming theme. This allowed them to show their creativity without limits. Although each club’s posters were a feat in themselves, many say that the Dance Team’s poster stole the show. The dancers created their poster out of black and white checkered squares with the words “HIP-HOP” on red paper displayed in the middle. Two painted images of dancers appear on each side of the poster’s writing.

Despite the stress of a time limit and the competition between classes, all who attended were pleased with the results of their own work. The winning poster was voted on by a handful of staff members and was revealed at the Homecoming Pep Assembly on Friday. Shock and surprise overcame the audience when it was announced that the Freshmen won.

Freshman Kendall Clouser said, “I was pretty shocked that our class won. I was really expecting the Seniors to win because their poster was so well done.”

Seniors came in second place, Sophomores in third, and Juniors in fourth.

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