Top Ten Podcasts to Listen to on Long Drives

Are you looking for a new podcast to get started on but have no idea where to start? Here are some podcasts recommended by students for students.


Bella Van Winkle, Staff Writer

In the past couple years, podcasts have blown up. Spotify has begun recommending podcasts to their listeners, and a lot more people are recommending podcasts to friends and families. According to, 51% of America’s population has listened to a podcast, and 80% of that percentage listens to the entire episode.

Sometimes drives get way too long than they should be, and music starts to get boring. You’ve listened to the same playlist for the last two weeks, and now you can’t listen to anything that isn’t boring. Listen to a podcast. Some are funn., some are interesting, and some tell stories you couldn’t even imagine. There’s a podcast for everyone, and one of these 10 podcasts might be yours. All of these can definitely be found on Spotify, and most of them are found on Apple Music as well.

Just roll with it– If you’re into video games or have heard of Dungeons of Dragons, you’ll love this one. If you’ve never heard or seen DnD in action but like laughing, you’ll also really like this. Just Roll with It is a DnD podcast following five characters: Valrissa, Mountain, Bra’ad, Sylnan and Taxi. It’s a weirdly hilarious story, filled with twists and turns and problems that the characters shouldn’t be in but are. From the very first episode, you will be laughing. The characters are interesting on their own, but when the people playing them make their own commentary, it makes the whole thing 10x funnier. It’s a bit lesser known than another DnD podcast, Critical Hit, but it’s just as good. The episodes are each about an hour and 40 minutes, but once you get to the end of an episode, you’ll wish they were longer.


The Bright Sessions– If you like supernatural stuff, you’ll enjoy The Bright Sessions. Each episode is about ten minutes long and they’re packed full with interesting stories of people who can travel through time, empaths, mind readers and more. It’s about therapy session, recorded by the therapist for unknown reasons. You are able to watch-or rather listen- as the characters grow and begin to embrace themselves. There’s a weird underlying something going on though- why is the therapist recording them? Who are they for?


Nothing much happens; bedtimes stories for grown-ups-calm and soothing stories to fall asleep to– A lot of high school students have trouble sleeping. Whether it’s from stress or just plain ol’ annoying insomnia, this podcast will help you out at least a little bit. The point of this entire podcast is to put you to sleep. A talented writer writes descriptive stories that allow you to almost peer into her memories are told in a soft and slow voice. She reads it once through at first, and then another time, so that you are able to listen the first time and sleep through the second time. If you are listening on Spotify, there’s a sleep button that you can set a timer on so you don’t listen to 12 episodes in one night.


Two Princes– Stories like the knight in shining armor are well known, and this is exactly that… or is it? A prince named Rupert is kept in the dark by his mother, who refuses to tell him about… something that you’ll have to find out. He escapes into the forest, determined to fix his kingdom, and runs into another prince who saves him, the handsome Amir. It’s a cool story from the perspective of Rupert, and as the story continues on, something blooms in between the two boys who are both trying to save their kingdoms. Each episode is about 20 minutes long, so you’ll go through this story fast. Once thought done, Two Princes is now coming out with more episodes, so you’re in luck!


The science of happiness– With titles like “How to be less hard on yourself” and “How to keep love alive”, this podcast basically teaches you how to be happy with yourself and those around you. It’s taught by an actual professor, Dacher Keltner, who has won Outstanding Teacher and Mentor awards. The podcast is backing up its claims with science that explains why you feel this way. For instance, depression is caused by a lack of serotonin, or the happy chemical in your brain, and there is an episode that talks about how to replenish that. Each episode is about 20 minutes long; get ready to heal yourself or at least learn a couple new things.


Welcome to Night vale– The description of Welcome to Night Vale tells you to listen to the most current one and catch on as they speak, as it is an ongoing podcast. Something is strange about the community it talks about- every conspiracy theory seems to be real. It’s normal news for the most part, with weather updates and ongoing neighborhood activities. Well, unless you think strange lights in the sky, hooded figures and the Sheriff’s Secret Police weird. It updates twice a month, and each episode is about3o minutes long, so buckle in.


The Edge of Sleep– Ever heard a little known Youtuber Markiplier? If you follow him, you’ll know that he is the voice of the main character in the podcast The Edge of Sleep. The podcast starts out with the main character going through his night shift, nursing his broken heart. The story begins to unfold into mystery and thriller like vibes. He finds out that everyone who fell asleep the night before DIED. Which means that if he falls asleep, he will also die. It’s both confusing and addicting, so get ready to not be able to turn this off. If you’re not into mysterious crimes/occurrences, then this podcast might not be for you. Each episode is about 30 minutes long, just about the same length as a TV show.


The Misfits– If you watch a lot of gaming videos on Youtube, you’ve probably heard of CallMeCarson and all his friends. It’s not exactly a school appropriate podcast, but it is really funny and a good sound to have in the background while cleaning or driving. The description of The Misfits is “The most scuffed podcast on the internet.” However you interpret that is fine by me, but this is a go to podcast for many people around the high school age. Each episode is about 90 minutes long.


Ted Radio Hour– Everyone has heard of Ted Talks. There was even a saying going around for a while: you told a long and convoluted story or conspiracy theory and then said thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re informational videos that explain a story, or features a comedian every once in a while. A couple students from GP have actually been in Ted Talks and given speeches, so it’s a very widespread organization. It’s the same Ted Talks we have all binged at some point in our lives, just now, you can listen to it while driving.  How convenient! Each episode is about 65 minutes long.


Stuff you should know– This podcast goes over everything you would ever want to know. A lot of it is useless information, at least for the time being, like episode one, titled “Short Stuff: Whiskey or Bourbon?” However, most of it is interesting parts of history that are explained, how things like salt or oil work and where trick or treating came from. With this information, you could beat a friend in an intense argument or just impress random people with what you know. Each episode is about 60 minutes long, but there are episodes called Short Stuff, and they are about 15 minutes long.


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