Winter is Almost Here: Where to Hit the Slopes


photo of Milo Nicholson (by Matt Rebroke)

Alec Mullen-DeLand, Staff Writer

As winter approaches, many PNW residents will be getting ready to hit the snowy slopes for skiing and snowboarding. In an environment where heavy snowfall is rare and any exceptional hills are often found far away, Snohomish locals will need to know the best slopes that do not require much travel.

Milo Nicholson, a senior and an avid skier, skis at Stevens Pass the most. “It is my favorite by far,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson skis with his friends in their group “Park Kiddos” and they “love to practice and send tricks.” He loves Stevens above all other local slopes because “it has the best park in the state.” “Mission [Ridge] and Snoqualmie can’t even compete,” Nicholson said.

The drive up to Stevens Pass takes about an hour, so Nicholson likes to go after school on Fridays.

His all-time-favorite ski spot is Mount Hood, in Oregon, and he travels there every summer with his friends to get a taste of snow in the warmer time of the year. “It is always a blast,” Nicholson said.

Senior and snowboarder Katherine Lee also loves Stevens for its “hidden tree runs and special spots” she has discovered. Lee’s favorite trick to perform is the method grab, because “it’s super fun and stylish.” She has boarded at Stevens for six years, and it is her favorite place to snowboard. “I love to ride with friends and coworkers in the powder and park,” Lee said.

Her far-away-favorite is Sun Peaks, in Kamloops, B.C.. “Not too many people know about this powder mountain. It’s almost like a mini Whistler but without the big crows,” Lee said.


Stevens Pass is planning tentatively to open on Monday, the 16th of December, or possibly the weekend of the 14th and 15th before.

Mount Hood is generally open year-round.

Sun Peaks Resort opened for skiing and snowboarding on November 23rd.