Prepping For Finals


Abi Ricci

A booklet of study materials for finals.

Abi Ricci, Staff Writer

With finals approaching at the end of Jan., the stress is setting in on some students. For those who know how they study, it can be an easier process than for those who do not. Here are a few tips and tricks to studying for finals.

  • Work with friends

Studying with friends can make finals seem more fun. It is not as stressful or as lonely, plus you can quiz each other on different topics. This of course only works if you can stay focused and not get distracted easily. “I love studying with my friends because finals is really stressful but when I study with them it doesn’t feel like work and it helps you remember things in weird ways,” Hailey Christenson said.

  • Find a public place to study

If you prefer to study alone but with others, do it in public. It’s easier to do it at a library or coffee shop where there is not a TV or family member to distract you. Plus, you can get in some good people watching and a bagel. “I really like the environment at Newsroom to study because it is usually pretty quiet and there are few distractions. And they have great coffee,” Heidi Johnson said.

  • Color Code

You may want to color code each class and the key things you need to know. It can save a lot of time when you are trying to cram it in the night before. “When I color code my notes, I feel super organized. Every color means something different. Color coding makes studying a lot easier and faster,” Malak Al-Muhanna said.

  • Stay after school

Spend some time after school with a teacher and get their help on anything you are struggling with. Many are more than happy to help you, especially if you show you want to learn.

  • Get some sleep

Don’t stay up the night before trying to cram. Many times you will not learn anything. Get some good sleep and study a little bit each day. Instead of memorizing the material, you may actually learn it. “Trying to cram before finals doesn’t work, you only remember like half of the things. It’s better to get sleep and spend more time on each topic throughout the weeks leading up to it,” Wyatt Reed said.