Coping With Covid Depression

Lilja Bjornsson, Staff Writer

Throughout these unprecedented times, many people have been stuck inside a loop of uncertainty. With the feeling of never ending whirlwind that the Covid-19  virus has been so far, the mental health of most people has deteriorated.

Granted, whether or not you have previously dealt with depression, or the current circumstances, right now is a tough time for all, and your struggle is real, you are heard. The ways of dealing with depression can vary from one person to the next, but admitting you are in need of guidance is an amazing amount of progress on your journey.

Depending on where you’re at mentally, the thoughts and actions taken have the potential to be catastrophic. Try and reach out to a friend or a family member you can trust, give them any information that is comfortable to share. Reaching out to someone not only helps towards admitting that there is something going on but that help is needed and they can help.

Get outdoors for a little bit, take in the fresh air and bask in the sunlight and get that vitamin D. Focus on the things that you can control around you. With Covid-19 seeming like it is hear to stay, one of the simpler things found to help with the anxiety aspect is to focus on what you can control. Make a to do list, show extra gratitude to what you’re blessed with, and getting a good amount of sleep. Taking this time to stay up late binging TikTok and Netflix can be taking a toll on mental health without really realizing it.

Consistency is key here, try your best to make a new routine for yourself however that may be. Every person is different in the way they go about their days, but trying to keep some regularity to the day can help more than realized.

Down below are the hotlines, if you need someone to talk to or are in need immediate assistance, call or text these numbers, you’re not alone.

Care Crisis-  1-800-584-3578

National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273- 8255