Remembering This Year

Remembering This Year

Bella Van Winkle, Staff Writer

The year of 2019-2020 has been extremely chaotic. Do you remember the beginning of the year? Everything felt new and normal; for seniors, this was their last year to make their mark, to do things they may not have dared to do before. They made their choices and moved on. For everyone else, we had one more year in front of us, but it would be alright. 

The football games we shared were loud and crowded. We cheered for our Grizzlies, holding up our hands and showing the other teams how much we cared about them.

Homecoming was loud and bright, pulsing lights that showed our true colors. We took pictures and danced the night away with our friends and partners, clad in suits and dresses. 

In the news, things began showing up quickly. First semester was another normal year, one that felt long albeit, but a normal one. Second semester began with a bang. Covid-19, a virus originated in Wuhan China, and it started spreading. For people in theater , costumes were unable to be ordered, as the fabric came from China and couldn’t pass through the border. Clubs were still open, but they were being made aware of everything happening. School kept going. 

And then, we had to close. We stopped coming to school, hoping we would return at the end of April, but we weren’t able to come back. But we kept hanging out. The seniors, who had to drop everything and give up their passages of growing up, but we put up signs and tried to tell them how much they were worth to our school. 

We were not alone. We moved forward, and school will end in three weeks. We continue to hang out, sitting in the back of our cars 6 feet away, dropping off food, using the same Zoom we use for classes for friends, and hoping that the quarantine will end by summer so we can go to parties, hang out with our friends, simply be in public once more. 

Glacier Peak, we have had a tough year. But, if you only look around, you can see how we deal with hardships, and as you can see, we will make it.


Go Grizzlies!