Green Club’s Thrifting Fundraiser


Lillyana Brastad, Staff Writer

Since November 15th, Glacier Peak’s Green Club has been running an Instagram closet fundraiser, organized by Senior, Jamie Stout, who started this fundraiser as part of her Girl Scouts Gold Award. The ultimate goal is to raise enough money to provide Glacier Peak with a composter to be used by students and science classes. They have been listing donated clothing items for sale on their Instagram account, @goldandgreenthrift.

“Green Club is an environmentally focused club providing options for a more sustainable lifestyle, it helps educate but not shame.” Stout said.

Shopping second hand is a great way to find cool clothes that may not be available to find in stores and it helps the planet by not supporting fast fashion, which is currently causing much damage to the planet. Stout loves to thrift, buy clothes from the app Depop, and shopping through Instagram closets, this is what inspired her to do this specific fundraiser. Clothes can be donated by anyone and everyone, the club’s members have been providing many of the items, but other  Glacier Peak students have contributed too. Green Club officers, Dezi McDaniel, Charlotte Burns, Lauren Larson, and Jamie Stout have all been heavily involved in running this fundraiser, posting the clothes on the Instagram account, pricing items, responding to interested buyers, and more. Items are able to be picked up or dropped off and can be payed for through Venmo or cash.

“My house is sort of the headquarters for picking up the clothes, I keep a box outside my front door with all the clothes bundled up in cute ribbons, but we have had some people ask us to drop them off and we have a few club members willing to do that.” Stout said.

Stout has been working very hard to make this fundraiser a simple and accessible process, hopefully this will inspire more people to shop sustainably once they realize how easy it really is. All the clothing items have been priced from $1-5, which proves that you can still get cute clothes without having to spend a lot of money. Even though the clothes are priced so cheap, this has not stopped the Green Club from reaching their goal of $300. So far, this fundraiser has been wildly successful, as of December 2nd, the club has raised $446 in funds!

“It’s going phenomenally! The community of GP and Green Club have really stepped up to show their support for what we’re trying to do. It’s heartwarming to see.” Stout said.

The Gold and Green Thrift fundraiser will continue to run through December 15th and all clothes that have not been purchased will be donated or upcycled. Supporting this fundraiser is a great way to help benefit our school, support the very hardworking, Jamie Stout, impact the planet in a positive way, and get some awesome new clothes for a great price. Make sure to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and check out @goldandgreenthrift on Instagram.