Concerts After COVID


Amelia Weeks, Staff Writer

Concerts are a place where you can be fun and free but, with COVID-19 many students weren’t able to have the full experience. With the end of most regulations in 2022, tours have started to make a comeback. Many students have started attending again and with the frenzy with Taylor Swift’s tickets on sale, concert talk has dominated the conversations this week.

Bri Titus had the chance to see Post Malone on October 10, “During the show I felt so energized because there were fun lasers and explosions,” Titus said. “It was my first concert after COVID-19 and I loved it because it was so lit, and it was probably the best day of my life,” she said.

Titus thought the concert was super fun, “Especially because I love Post Malone, he’s a great artist and a great performer,” she said.

Concerts have always been a place to be yourself, but general admission makes it harder to move around. “I went to the Day In and Day Out festival in August, it was super fun, but it was so crowded. There were so many people there especially on the days I went because Mitski and Mac Demarco were performing. Some people were sitting on the ground laid out while everyone was squished together. When Mitski came out everyone shoved forward, and it was super uncomfortable. I was excited to hear her perform live but I couldn’t even see,” Azure Birch said. “People were starting mosh pits and my feet got stomped on, so they hurt really bad the day after,” they said.

Perlita Martinez saw Stray Kids in July 2022, “It was kind of silly, we got really good seats, but we got there super late. They started right at 7:30 which was surprising like that they started right on the dot,” Perlita said. “They were super funny and awesome performers but like a lot of people were just kind of standing there and filming instead of just enjoying the show,” they said.

After COVID-19 we are much more grateful for the experiences of living freely at concerts. We had time where we couldn’t enjoy anything together but now people can group together and be around people that like the same artists and build relationships through it.