Spring Fashion Trend Predictions


Tula Nicholson, Staff Writer

As we approach the spring months and people have started to become tired of winter fashion, many are in search of some new pieces to make their wardrobe stand out this spring. Spring comes with growth, vibrance, and freshness, and with many amazing textures, colors, materials, and patterns in the trend forecast, these trends are fun and fresh.  

After some research on upcoming trends, here is what was found to be popular for this upcoming spring season on the runway and in normal life.  

Metallic – Gold and silver have always been popular jewelry wise, but this season we may be seeing clothing that is metallic and shiny.  

Oversized/slouchy bags and purses – The mini bag is out, and the big bag is in. This spring we will be seeing large, less structured bags everywhere. As seen in the Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, and Balmain shows, these will be pieces that will translate well from the runway to everyday people’s style.  

Cobweb Crochet/Finely woven – This take on knitwear is unique and stylish. It puts a spin on the current crochet trend and is a bit more organic and imperfect looking.  

Ballet Core – We have seen this trend a bit already this winter, but I think it will still be going strong into the springtime. Ballet core consists of very girly pieces, pinks and blacks, bows, ballet flats, frills and ruffles, etc. In the springtime, a more colorful spin is expected to be put on this trend that is already quite neutral/light.  

Trousers – This style of pants is timeless and will always be in style, but this spring we will be seeing many different variations of the classic trouser pant. Many designers are going back to more traditional and timeless pieces that are simple but classy. 

These are just a few of the trends in the forecast, and there are many more to be spotted as we creep into springtime.