Mother’s Day Recap


Akshara Govil, Staff Writer

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and many students went all out to show appreciation to their moms in many different ways. Of course, there were the classic flowers and chocolate, or breakfast-in-bed, giving their mom a surprise, and much more. Let’s take a look at what kinds of things Grizzlies did for their moms for Mother’s Day and how they think the holiday is important:

“I always make my mom a handmade card that is like nicely decorated with flowers or something like that. We also went to Puget Sound and the beach nearby. It was a really good day even though we got sunburned. I think Mother’s Day is a great holiday as every mother should be appreciated in my opinion. They do a lot,” said freshman Ruby Menehan.

Kumi Jayasinghe is another person who thinks that Mother’s Day is an important holiday to show love to one’s mom. “I think that any gift is great for Mother’s Day as long as it shows that you put thought into it. Something like flowers, jewelry, handmade card, etc. Mothers have put in 14-18 years into making us who we are today in my opinion, and this one day allows us to show them love for all that they have done for us,” Jayasinghe said. “I gave my mom some roses and a handmade card! And I helped my sister paint a jewelry dish for my mom. Also, most importantly, I showed how much I love her with a BIG hug!” she said.

“I feel like moms are not as appreciated as much as they should be because they do so much for us, and they deserve to have to a day to just relax and know how much they’re loved. I feel like the perfect gift for a mom would be to just give her a break and like take care of everything for her for that day. For Mother’s Day, we went paddle-boarding with my cousins, and it was a lot of fun!” freshman Katherine Brady says.