Senior Prom Review


Angela Wang, Staff Writer

The senior prom on May 13, at Rosehill Community Center, Mukilteo was certainly a success, and demonstrated the effort of hosting this event. More than 100 students came to enjoy time, including the majority of seniors and underclassmen friends. Students involved generally had a positive review of the prom, and believed it to be a quite pleasing event.

As it comes to the end of the school year, many seniors appreciate the prom as a time to socialize and spend time with friends, and gave favorable feedbacks about the plan-out. “What I liked about the prom is the snacks and the photo booth, and there isn’t really improvements they can make, it was nice,” Jessica Nguyen said.

Adding on, students expressed how they believe the activity area could have improved, since it is a bit small comparing to the number of students attending. The music on the other hand, was rewarded by most students. “The actual event was probably like a 7/10, The base was kind of small so it was kind of crowded, the music was good but there wasn’t much to do, so we kind of left,” Colin Schmitt said.

Overall the prom was an success, although there could have been improvements, the Mukilteo view added on to make the prom more memorable. Underclassmen who attended also gave good reviews about the view, and contributed to making the prom more fruitful. “I would probably rate the prom a solid 8/10. The venue was really pretty, and had a really good view, but it was a little bit small. They had good food and a picture area that was pretty fun, the music was pretty good, and they honestly just had good snacks at this one. And there is a really pretty balcony that you can see Mukilteo beach and the sunset,” Natalie Wheeler said.