Upcoming Concerts


Kyla Gundayao, Staff Writer

Whether you are into rap music or slow mellow love songs, many artists are coming to Washington to perform live. To start off, Grammy award winner Kali Uchis, who sang popular songs like After the Storm and Telepatia, is going on her “Red Moon In Venus” Tour, which is her 3rd studio album and will be on May 24th. RAYE will be opening for her, whose most popular song, Escapism, blew up on TikTok and helped land her spot as an opening act to Kali Uchis.

Another upcoming concert coming to Washington that has many fans excited is Melanie Martinez. Performing at the WAMU Theater in Seattle, her newest album PORTALS is sure to be a showstopper. She started gaining traction in 2015 with her album Cry Baby and her 2019 album K-12; these songs have popped up throughout media over the years and have been a part of many trends. Now after almost three years of waiting for new music, fans are overjoyed to see Melanie going on tour again. 

The following week a different genre will be getting the spotlight with a live performance by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. Similar to Melanie, he is performing at the WAMU Theater in Seattle and will most likely be singing his most popular songs, including “Look Back at It” and “Drowning” as well as his newest album that came out in 2022, “Me vs. Myself.” Later in the month on June 13th and 14th, RnB singer Bryson Tiller is performing both days at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle. His most popular album came out in 2015 and is called TRAPSOUL and he hasn’t come out with a new album since his album in 2020 titled ANNIVERSARY, so he will be performing songs from those past two albums. 

More globally known artists are also going on tour to Washington, and most of their fans are hyped and waiting hours in online queues for tickets. On June 16th, K-POP group TWICE is performing at the Tacoma Dome, and we can bet that we will be hearing not only their most popular songs, but the individual group members’ songs too. Another fan favorite that has been long anticipated is Taylor Swift, with two dates on July 22 and July 23, and Gracie Abrams as an opener. Many videos of people getting Taylor Swift tickets have been circulating the internet and you can see just how excited fans are about this concert. With these ticket prices ranging from 30-300 dollars, no matter your budget there is a concert available for you to go to.