BSU’s New Chapter

BSUs New Chapter

Vic Wang, Staff Writer

Black Student Union has elected new class officers for the next school year, and Honorine Uwase was elected as the new BSU President. She already has plans and goals for the club, feeling passionate about next year. “I feel pretty good about the new officers. I think they’re varying people, like it’s not just seniors or juniors you know, underclassmen, and they have a lot of things and ideas they want to add to the club, and potential. So I really think these upcoming years are going to be great years,” said Uwase. “We really do have a lot of things planned for BSU and we can’t wait to put them into action. I love the club. It’s like a safe haven for literally anyone to you know, talk about their experiences with racial things. Just to know there’s a community for them so that they know they’re not entirely alone is a great thing.”

In Black Student Union, club members join in on discussion in club meetings and voice their opinions and concerns, whether that be about racial issues, latest news, or even just what club members could be looking forward to this weekend. Club members had the opportunity to partake in a BSU conference earlier this year where clubs from around the Washington school districts joined together to discuss future job opportunities for POC. Chiamaka Okoroafor was the previous president of BSU for the 2022-2023 school year and feels confident in who will be running the club after the seniors are gone. “I’m really happy about the new elected officers. I loved everybody who ran as well and it was just really fun as well because I haven’t really seen that many people run especially for vice president like ever, so it was just a really nice experience to get everybody excited and it was a really really really really fun election, and I’m very happy,” Okoroafor said. 

New president Honorine Uwase has already begun to think about her aspirations for the club going into the 2023-2024 school year. “I look forward to welcoming freshmen next year and to welcome more people into our club and because there were miscommunications where people thought it was only for black people or people of color but it’s for everyone. As president, I plan on doing more conventions, more trips and just having BSU do more stuff because this year we didn’t have time to do that and so I just plan on making the club more active,” Uwase said. “I want there to be more fundraisers, and I plan to make the club brighter. My goal for the club is to make sure the club feels safe, and I want to be able to look forward to coming to the club meetings every Thursday.”