Preparing for the ACT

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Preparing for the ACT

Enid Gonzalez, Staff writer

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Our school district offers the National ACT test to  juniors during school for free which is ideal deal because you save money and a weekned to take it. This year, the juniors take the ACT on April 24. A couple of weeks ago, juniors bubbled their information to take the test.

Many juniors are stressed out about how they will do and wonder what they can do to prepare for it considering that the the date to take the ACT is so close. Senior, Emily Foley , recalls what she did to prepare for the ACT last year. “I honestly just got a good night sleep and hoped for the best,” Foley said.

Some juniors have already begun to prepare for the ACT. Junior, Malak Al-Muhanna, is one of those people. “I am very nervous to take the ACT so that is why I decided to start studying for it about two weeks ago. I have looked over my science comp books a lot and hopefully that helps me for the science part of the test. I have also reviewed my math notes and I really hope it helps me with the math part of the test,” Al-Muhanna said.

Although taking the ACT can be stressful, there are a couple of different things you can do to reduce your stress.

The first thing you should do is identify your weakest subject and try to focus on that subject and study that subject more compared to the other ones. Make sure you create a study plan so that way you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Another thing you should do is get enough sleep, especially the night before you take the ACT. You should also make sure you eat a good breakfast the morning of the test so you’re not hungry and you’re able to concentrate better.

Whatever you decide to do to prepare for the ACT, make sure you remain calm and not stress too much.


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