Where Do I Go From Here?

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Where Do I Go From Here?

Kimberly Freitas, Staff Writer

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One would think your college acceptance letter fixes everything.

All of your work has finally gotten you somewhere. Those thousands of all-nighters you pulled, the projects and essays you cried over; they all paid off. You don’t have to worry anymore cause you’re home free, right?

Wrong. In fact, the real stress has only begun if you got more than one acceptance letter. For those lucky seniors, the real stress has just begun.

One might think that this is asinine; why would getting more than one letter be a problem? What they fail to realize is this senior with two or more acceptance letters might be staying up a few nights stressing over which one to pick. “In a way, it feels like my entire world has been laid out for me. I have had people tell me what to do for years, and for the first time in my life I’m saying no and deciding something for myself with this college choice. But it’s terrifying because I’m worried I might make the wrong choice,” Corbin Ferrie said.

On one hand, it’s exciting to finally be painting your own future. On the other hand, that choice will be determining the direction of your future endeavors.

Most seniors are convinced that if they make the wrong college choice, they’ll be in deep trouble in the years to come. “It’s scary that this one decision decides the path of the rest of your life,” Amar Halaweh said. The truth that many of us need to realize is that it’s what you do with your situation that matters. In the end, the important thing is what you do with your college degree, not where you got it. In reality, you can go through the best programs and go to an expensive school to get them, but all of it may not even matter if you don’t use the knowledge after college.

School hypes up college unnecessarily, and way too much at that. College is simply an additional tool you can use to increase your knowledge of your field; it’s not as if choosing the wrong college can prevent you from your true potential. You decide your future, regardless of your education.



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