Holiday Teacher Gift Guide


A student gives a teacher a present.

Maggie Borland, Staff Writer

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and deciding what to get people for the holiday season. Here are six gift ideas for your teachers, and I guarantee they will appreciate it!

  1. Starbucks gift card – most teachers rely on coffee to fuel them throughout the day, so why not give them the gift of coffee or tea? This can be an inexpensive gift, as you only have to put $5.00-$10.00 on the card.
  2. Homemade gift – all teachers would appreciate a homemade gift (like a painting or drawing), even if you aren’t a talented artist. In this case, it really is the thought that counts. It makes a teacher feel like you spent time and effort on a gift for them, which would make anybody appreciate a gift more than if you bought one. The cost for this is just the cost of the materials, which differs depending on the gift.
  3. Cookies – a simple and inexpensive gift that makes your teacher’s stomach happy, cookies are a safe bet if you don’t know what to get them. You don’t even have to decorate them, but taking the extra step to put some frosting on them add to the presentation and make it seem more special. This can cost about $10-$15, depending on if you get decorations or not. If you just get a roll of dough, it costs about $5.00.
  4. Hot chocolate set – this a cute and not super expensive gift. They have these sets at Target, Amazon, and Walmart for about $20.00 and look really cute! They have all the ingredients to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate. If you don’t want to spend that much, you could easily purchase the ingredients cheaper and create the set yourself.
  5. Bookstore gift card – even if your teacher doesn’t like to read (which is highly unlikely), there are more than just books at places like Barnes and Noble. Magazines, planners, or pens are also available, and are usually a teacher’s dream. This gift can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want!
  6. Written note – the most special gift of all is probably a handwritten note. Letting your teacher know how much they’ve done for you and how they help you learn will make them feel important and like you understand how hard they work to help you succeed. This gift is also the most inexpensive gift on this list.

Overall, any gift you give your teacher will put a smile on their face. It’s not about what they get, but the thought behind it that counts. Happy holidays!