Places for Winter Activities during the Pandemic


Cody Carlson, Staff Writer

Everyone loves winter, time for activities like sledding, skiing, snowboarding etc.  But since the pandemic, a lot of places have been closed…but not all.  Some people have opened their houses to friends and family during covid.  “My favorite place to do winter activities is when we play in the snow and to go up to my friend’s house to play!  It’s really fun when we go sledding and have snowball fights!” -John Allison  Some people have cabins, and they never close.  “I love to go down to Eastern Washington because I have a cabin near Chelan.”  -Kari Schroeder  Other people like to go ice skating at skating rinks that have opened.  “I love to watch Disney on Ice and ice skate at the Angel of the Winds Arena.” -Noreen Bayouk  Other people like to go out of town to places that are opened.  “Probably snowboarding in Whistler and the town there is a lot of fun during winter.” -Lauren Nayala  As for me, my family goes to Leavenworth every year for a few days.  Sadly, this year it didn’t work, but we started going to the Mill Creek Golf Course a couple of years ago where there are steep hills you can go down.