3 best Note-Taking strategies


Juliana Ashby, Staff Writer

There are many different ways and approaches of taking notes in school. Some students may prefer a well structured approach and may use an outline method to take notes, while others might prefer a more visual way of taking notes such as drawing maps and not using any structure at all.

  1. The Map method. The map method is recommended for students that are more visual learners and is most useful for taking notes when trying to process and memorize a large amount of information in one time. This method suggests writing the main theme at the top or in the middle of the paper and divides the it into subtopics by using arrows to connect the words. This method also helps organize notes and divides them into branches therefore enables you to connect your topics together. When using the Map Method you start with writing the main topic at the top of the map and keep dividing it subtopics on the left and right hand-side as you go down.
  2. The Boxing method. The boxing method is a very popular method used for students that enjoy writing notes, this method   uses boxes to visually represent separate topics from one another. Thoughts, ideas and concepts on a certain topic you are researching or learning about are written down vertically next to each other, forming a large amount of information in a small amount of space. When new topics are presented the previous information is boxed shut, and news ones are therefore formed.
  3. The Cornell method. The Cornell method is a superior strategy and in many cases had been proven that it is not only more efficient but also makes it a lot easier to review notes for example when preparing for an exam. This method helps you memorize and learn a big amount of information in one day. The page is first divided into two columns and about 30% is taken up by the left side and the right side taking the other 70% of the paper. At the bottom of the paper there should be a spot for the summary. All notes should be written on the right side when using this method and all keywords/ possible questions should be listed on the left side.