Slow Walkers


Mya Lozko, Staff Writer

We’ve all been flat tired of the slow walkers in the hallway. Some people get hit with hydro flasks and some get hit with body weight because people walk on the wrong side of the hallway. Students often get frustrated with other people for not knowing how to properly walk in the hallways; sometimes they’ll get mad and then immediately regret it. “One time I was walking and this person– they were walking really slow, and I was like kind of making it obvious that I wanted to walk fast, like I was super close to them,” Fiza Abbasi said. “And then I looked at their face and they were sobbing and crying, and I felt so bad because I was like I hate slow walkers, but they were already crying, and I just felt really bad.”

But sometimes people don’t care what the reason is and try to show them that they are walking slow, and how annoying it is to them. As years go by the school gets more students and it gets more and more crowded in the hallways each year. Even though it might be hard to walk in the hallways, people need to realize that there’s only enough space for two ways; it’s either one way or the other, and people can’t be standing in the middle talking to their friends. You think trying to get past two people is hard? Try a whole friend group. It’s almost never possible.

We all deal with slow walkers differently. Some of us might accept the fact that we will be late to class, but some decide to say something. “Usually when I see a crowd of people that are slow and they’re standing in the hallway I just put my arm out, I scream ‘excuse me,’ and keep walking straight through them, and that usually gets their attention,” student Jack Allman said.