Mr. Johnson’s Phone Cleanse


Lucie Cartier, Staff Writer

Junior English teacher Mr. Johnson,  saw a continuous issue with his students attention being distracted by their phones. He offered the opportunity of a “cleanse week” for any students who were willing to part with their phones during school hours. The hope is that the students who participated became less dependent on their phones and payed more attention in their classes. Every morning each student who agreed to the phone cleanse left his/her phone with Mr. Johnson before first period and picked it up after sixth period.

As a student, I realize I have become very dependent on my phone and find myself often scrolling through Twitter rather than listening to my teacher. As I am sure many other students realize, this is a distraction from their education. Still, only three students agreed to the cleanse week; Jace Handshy, Emma Tutton, and Katie Wilson.

Day 1:

Emma Tutton- “Day 1 was weird, the worst part of not having my phone was not having it for math because photo-math seriously saves me.” I asked her if there were any benefits she noticed so far, she said “not really, I just find myself bored often in class.”

Jace Handshy- “It was fine, there were times I reached for my phone to take pictures of notes but it wasn’t there. Once I got my phone back at the end of the day, I had so many notifications. When my friends would talk about things they saw on Instagram I felt left out because I didn’t know what they were talking about until after the fact.”

Katie Wilson- “I have a habit of reaching for my phone, it was odd because often times I use my phone to distract myself but throughout the day I distracted myself with other things rather than my phone.”

Day 2:

Emma Tutton- “It was harder not having my phone for music during downtime in class but I feel more engaged in class.”

Jace Handshy- “When I came to school I did not really want to give it up, but I definitely paid way more attention in class.”

Katie Wilson-”I also did not want to give my phone up but it felt satisfying to continue this challenge.”

Day 3:

Emma Tutton- “It feels easier not having my phone, it is more normal now. So far I kinda like it actually.”

Jace Handshy- “I focus more in class but it kinda sucks because I would rather have it in my pocket for music. I was texting my Dad before school and I couldn’t even finish the conversation before I had to give my phone away.”

Katie Wilson- “I did not turn my phone in today, I stopped the challenge because I recently got a new job and also my parents were not able to keep in contact with me during school.”

Day 4:  

Emma Tutton- “Day 4 was super easy, I did not reach for my phone at all and I didn’t miss it.”

Jace Handshy- “It was refreshing not to have it, this was the easiest day not having it. I didn’t feel like I wanted or needed it.”

Day 5:

Emma Tutton- “I ended up liking not having my phone on person, I got used to not having it all the time.”

Jace Handshy- “It was easy not having it but I was definitely looking forward to getting it back at the end of the day.”

One week later I ask Jace and Emma about what they took away from Mr. Johnson’s phone cleanse. Jace said his Math and Chemistry grades both rose because without his phone, he paid more attention in classes. He says it was a good experience and everyone should do it. Emma said without having headphones in constantly helped her pay more attention in class. She said she picks it up less and is less reliable on it now. At the end of the day, most would benefit from this phone cleanse and should go talk to Mr. Johnson for details. As summer is getting closer and people are getting more antsy, this could just be the grade strategy/attention booster you need.