Best Lazy Sunday Breakfast

What is the best breakfast in snohomish?


Alan Levine

Abigail Schaefer, Yearbook Staff

Waking up on last Sunday at 8:30 a.m., I pulled back my curtains and looked at the leaf covered view of the Snohomish valley at my friend’s house. I grabbed a cup of steaming black coffee and then climbed back into bed. I watched That 70’s Show on Netflix until I finally decided to get out of bed. The only reason for this was because I was HUNGRY. After a long night of binge-watching Netflix and listening to loud music my body craved the delicious taste of a Sunday breakfast. The kind of breakfast that just seem to taste better and you don’t care how many calories are in it. I needed to stuff my face full of carbs and get that sweet, savory, satisfying taste of a lazy breakfast.

I woke up my friend, took a shower, texted my friends and got ready for the day by throwing on a pair of the classic Sunday outfit, black leggings and a big sweatshirt. After 30 minutes my friends were ready and we proceeded to go out, all still half awake and in need of a great diner.

We climbed in my Subaru, Samuel and headed out. The goal of our adventure of trying to find the best breakfast in Snohomish for a lazy Sunday was based on three categories. The service/atmosphere, the price and the taste on a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best).

The Buzz Inn was the closest to us so we started there, practically drooling from our hungry. We all walked in around 11 and were seated immediately. The inside was dark and has wood paneling covering most of it. It doesn’t scream diner at you except the few postcards and ad slips on the wall. The waitress was very pleasant and did a great job.  She got all of our orders right and got us our food FAST. Under 10 minutes in fact. I ordered Tsunami Breakfast Skillet. It had potatoes, onions, green peppers, ham and sausage, hash browns, gravy, eggs, bacon and cheese. It may have been a thousand calories but it sure was delicious. It was actually one of the best breakfasts I have had in a while and my friends were also very satisfied with theirs as well. The price of my breakfast was a reasonable $9.99, especially since I was full and still had leftovers. I would definitely say the Buzz Inn surprised me.

The next restaurant we took our sleepy and now partially full selves to was Maltby Café. We all split the California Scramble which was eggs, avocado, bacon, cheese, sour cream, peppers and onions. It came with a side of hash browns and a biscuit. The price was 17.89 with tax. This one was a bit pricey for the taste of the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great,  however, with the fall decorations and straw plaster walls, you feel as if you have walked into a farmhouse kitchen. The menu was huge as well and service was friendly. Our waitress was sweetn but our food came out a  tad bit slower than the Buzz Inn. This was probably caused by the fact that the restaurant is packed and we had to wait for twenty minutes for a table. It was a lot louder in the restaurant and I would not recommend Maltby for large groups because it was hard to hear across the table. My friends were also satisfied with their foo,  but we all agreed it was a little expensive for the quality of some of the food. However, we did notice that pancakes, French toast and any sweet breakfast style food was a lot better than the Buzz Inn’s sweet style breakfast. It was a higher quality and had more add ones such as whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit. Once we paid, we hopped back in the Subaru and finally went to Jake’s Café on 2nd street.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was the best of the three. All of the walls were covered in 1950’s decorations and relics. It was like stepping into a time machine. If you want an Instagram worthy Sunday brunch photo, Jake’s Café on 2nd street is the place to go.  All the seats were covered in red fake leather and have a checker board theme. The portions were HUGE. This place is not for the small eater, or the health conscious. I would recommend sharing something. The wait staff was very caring and funny. They were pretty fast and we got our food in under 15 minutes. I ordered Jake’s farmer special, which came with pouched eggs, sausage patty, on a biscuit with gravy and hash browns. The price was $12.95, which was reasonable considering how big it was. The food was very good, however I would have preferred less gravy and less grease. Jake’s is known for there big portions and big caloric numbers.


So, let’s talk numbers,

Buzz Inn’s total score: 11/15

Atmosphere: 2/5

Service: 4/5

Food for price: 5/5


Maltby Café total score: 9.5/15

Atmosphere: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Food for price: 2.5/5


Jake’s Café on 2nd total score: 13/15

Atmosphere: 5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food for price: 4.5/5


With the total number and my personal experiences, I went back to my friend’s house, and while trying not to fall asleep on the couch, from my food coma, reflected on trying to find The Best Sunday Breakfast in Snohomish. I would agree with the scores and in conclusion Jake’s Café on 2nd has the best lazy Sunday breakfast. Just make sure you come in your loose pants and can sit down the rest of the day, or possibly take a nap, cause after my experience there is not much else you can do after eating that much food. But hey, that’s what Sundays are for.